Monday, March 18, 2013

Graffiti and Me

Hi all, let me show you a masterpiece :D

Cool isn't it? Too bad it's not my art work because I have "close-to-zero" art talent *facepalm*
(Please kindly refer back to my previous post here if you're interested with my kinder garden level painting. :p)
Perhaps people tend to admire someone with some talents that they don't have, I always admire people who can really draw! Haha. 

Graffiti is one of the artworks that amazed me the most. For someone who can't even draw nicely on paper (like me), graffiti is sort of like unapproachable and far beyond my capability. Sometimes I really wonder how the graffiti artists create all those masterpieces. If I were asked to create some kind of graffiti artworks, most probably I will be ended up with being sued for vandalism. 

Not long ago Resort World Genting had called for product submission for a graffiti competition entitled "YNOT – Spark Your Creativity with Graffiti" and now it comes to the first round voting for the 40 finalist! The highest prize to be won away is RM 3000 cash prize plus Resort World Langkawi holiday package! If you had missed the chance or you have zero drawing talent like me, a good news for you here. *pad shoulder*

In conjunction with the Graffiti Art Competition,  Genting had installed 8 masterpieces (prepared by 3 colleges & 2 artists) on 8 bus shelters around Klang Valley. Tag Resort World Genting a photo of you and any of the artwork, you might be the lucky one to be picked up to attend the finale event on 13th and 14th April 2013.

All thanks to Genting and the artists involved for turning the dull and boring bus shelters into something really fantastic :) :)

Alpha Jalan Semantan

Alpha Lebuh Bandar Utama

Aswara Jln Ampang

Aswara Jln Pudu

Chekri Jln Raja Chulan

IACT Jln Barat

IACT Jln University

Nazmi Jln Sultan Ismail

For the contest, you can pose which ever way you like. The more creative it is, the better it is!
Some examples:

Oppa gangnam style fever?!

This is epic man!

So hurry up for the contest! And not to forget, the voting for graffiti finalists started from 15th-28th March 2013. Remember to vote for your favorite finalist!
For more information please log on to and for contest check here

Till then, bye!

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