Thursday, March 07, 2013

My 4th, the last Pharmnight

Went Pharmnight (Pharmacy Night) last Saturday. I can't believe time flies without us noticing, it was the 4th Pharmnight I had in this pharmacy course, i.e. the last Pharmnight to be with this bunch of awesome people.

For those who don't know, Pharmnight is an annual event usually organize by final year students.  Due to certain factors, the trend was changed, third year students gonna be the organizer for this event starting from this year. Compared to other batches, perhaps it was a big loss to my batch for not organizing the event since this would be a great memory to be kept in mind after we graduate. However, I truly appreciate their efforts for making this event a success! Without them, I guess I definitely won't able to survive through the last freaking hectic semester.

Words can't explain how great was the event, so better let photos tell the story.

Venue: Grand Seasons Hotel, KL.
Date: 2 March 2013

Pharmnight was all about dressing up nicely and taking tonnes of photo. So I think you can scroll down slightly faster since most are photos only :p

Did my own makeup, Ulzzang's inspired makeup and hairdo, how do you think??

The handsomes and pretties

With Dr Shaik, my thesis supervisor!

The Shaik's gang, lol!
All the best in our project!^^

The guys

The girls

The pretties

Chui Hua was there too! Congratulation for getting the awards!
Not to forget, my buddies!
From left: Pooi Mun, Will, Szyuin and me
All the pretties! Who win? White, black or red? Lol

My whole batch. Together we stand, together we fall. The dust and dawn we went through these 4 years shall be kept in everyone's mind eternally. 
 Here I end with my batch's performance of the night, singing Sempurna and You raise me up ^^
Check video here

 Goodnight people!

Ps: Photos without my watermark were taken from friend's fb.

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