Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Food Review: Stan & Brew Roast Coffee, Ipoh

Happy new year people!  Feeling hungover after countdown party last night?  It's been a while since the last time I blogged, so sorry for the long hiatus! My life is getting dull and dull these days, my daily routines are nothing other than working, eating and sleeping.  Duh.  Anyway, there was something different last Sunday because I went tried out a new cafe in Ipoh with bf!  I gotta thank him so much since I had been craving for nice food so long.  For your information, the most "luxury" in Slim River (where I'm working currently) is KFC, you can imagine how suffering a foodie to live here. Lol.

I shall stop nagging and let's get back to topic.  Haha!

There are so many new cafes popping up in Ipoh recently, Stan & Brew Roast Coffee is one of them.  It was newly opened few months ago, located at Soho Ipoh, somewhere near to Sam Tet school.  Stepping into this cafe, I was like "wow, such a beautiful place!".  The brick wall, the lighting, the sofas, the Christmas decoration and the most important - coffee aroma, gave us a warm welcome.

Love the clean and tidy interior

Bye-bye Christmas, hello new year!

There are wide varieties of food which you can choose from.  For instance, spaghetti, steaks, chicken chops, fish fillet, sandwiches and desserts.  Stan and Brew has their own roasted coffee too, so make sure you do not miss out if you have chance to visit here next time.

His hot mocha

My hot cappuccino 
It was so smooth and tasted really good.
Unfortunately the air conditioner there was too strong, it turned cold just in a while.

Starter - Wild mushroom soup 
Taste average, to me it was really concentrated.

His Herbs chicken chop

My New York fish and chips
It tastes like most ordinary fish and chips, however it was too fishy for me even though I had squeezed damn a lot of lemon juice onto it.

Highlight of the day - Plant dessert!
Cute isn't it?
I shall not reveal much about this dessert and let you yourself go try it out next time!
Us =)

The main courses in this cafe are just average, not really impressive though.  Yet, you shall try their coffee and dessert because they successfully satisfied my crave for nice food!  The ambiance is good as well, not really crowded even though it was Sunday.  Good enough to order a cup of coffee and enjoy some quite moment here.  
Price range: For main course RM20-30, for coffee is around RM10.

Stan & Brew Roast Coffee
Block C, G-8, Soho Ipoh,
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-255 9722
Operation hour: 7.30am-12.00am

Till then, see you next time!

Ps: New year is coming up soon!


  1. The place looks so cozy!<3

    Happy New Year 2014,

    1. Happy new year! Yea, it's really cozy there :)

  2. Happy New Year 2014! Working in Slim River can make people slim down I guess. Haha!

    1. Yea, definitely agree! Not sure if I should be happy or sad because of that >.<

  3. i'm curious about plant dessert, nice post
    Btw Happy New Year :D

    1. Happy new year! Love the idea of the plant dessert too! :)

  4. the plant dessert is such a cute and creative idea! =D

    Heaven Knows

  5. Ohhh I want to know about the plant dessert! It looks so tasty lol. I really want fish and chips nw >...>

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