Jane Fong, the author of this blog.  A Chinese who was born and raised in Malaysia, started blogging since 2006 and never expect to be able to make this far.  Despite of being a media influencer, she is more keen of being a writer who shares things that she found interesting in her life.  Travelogue, music sharing or movie review are something that can be easily found in this blog - which are ways to document her life as well.

Came into this world in Summer of 1991 - a June baby to be specific.  She was told to study hard since the first day of school and she did it well.  The good results from high school opened the door of the best university for her;  The certificate she obtained from the university let her leaped onto an ideal working environment.  Everything seems perfect and yet she was lost.  "For what am I chasing over all these years?" - a question that whirled inside her head repetitiously.  Therefore, she started to travel.  Looking into this world, gave her the answer or at least kept her moving back onto the right path.  She learned to live life and to adventure.

Stepping onto the land of Korea for the first time in October 2015 and fell in love with that country immediately.  A life-changing decision was made then - to visit that country at least once in a year.
Feeling strange but secure to be surrounded by Hangeul, a language that she newly learned.  Korean beauty products, Hansik recipes and Korean cultures are somethings she would definitely love to share with. Perhaps there will be a day, when she had decided to drop everything and move to K-land? 

"Enjoy life today,
 yesterday is gone and
 tomorrow may never come"

갈까  말까  할 때는 가라

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