Monday, March 25, 2013

Life isn't easy

Life is not easy, I would have said so over and over again, indeed, it's true, aren't you agree?
Things never go in the direction as we wish, I mean most of the time.
When things went against me, turned out to be something totally out of my expectation, the only thing came into my mind was: Life is so short, what the hell I am doing all these things to make my life difficult?

Too much to think of, thought a lot and I'm still thinking. The depressing kind of feelings haunt me like a restless ghost. Crawl over me again and again. Invisible and yet it exists, deep in my soul, shouting at my helpless body. Question marks put me into hesitation, doubting and unsure what am I actually doing. Standing at a point, feeling the whole world is spinning, moving while I am still remain static. Am I being left behind? To where I belong to?

Too much stuffs to be accomplished, too much to be worried about. Those are far beyond my brain capacity, I can't figure out anymore, not even the next step. Shall I regret or give up so that I can unjail myself from all these?

Frustrating. Yelling from inner voice. Bursting out. Tears rolling. Sobbing. Collapsing.

Perhaps he was right, "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile".
"The sky will never fall", he repeated this sentence for a couples of time.
Think in a positive way, perhaps what I'm facing are not that bad. Far more people over the world are worse than me. Take it as a challenge maybe?

Big girl don't cry.

God bless me please. I need more strength to more on.


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much! ^^