Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekly Crappy: Crap post

Back from mid-semester break more than one week. To be more exact, it wasn't really like a holiday as in there were lots of works for me to settle. I have so much to share with you all but unfortunately, last week was miserable, totally busy like hell with my thesis proposal.

I still remember the "Community Outreach Program" I joined on the first day of mid-semester break.  A pharmacist on duty that day, Aidan said "You all seems like very cheerful and have no stress at all".  Then I told him "You won't be able to see these kind of happy faces after today".  So yea, it's true!

 Just some photos to show :)

#1: Dinner at Burger Lab @ Paramount, PJ
It was three weeks ago, time flies! For me, the food was just average, but I truly like the enthusiasm of waiters there in serving customers. 

#2: Bacon pasta at Retro Kitchen @ SS2, PJ
 It was the third time I went to this place. Not because of the food, just simply because I love the cozy and vintage atmosphere there.  
#3: Guess who drew this?
 Answer: me! 
Haha, I know my drawing skill is at kindergarden level la (some kids even can draw better than me), the most important is the meaning behind: Quit smoking to have better quality of life and to avoid any unwanted diseases.  Drew this for the silent protest under Community Outreach Program at Setapak.  It was definitely a good experience for me and please quit smoking for whom you care.

#4: Lunch at Coconut House @ Jaya One
Went there for lunch today.  It was newly opened about one week ago.  If not mistaken, this restaurant originally from Malacca and had been closed and reopened at a few places in Klang valley (wonder to know the reasons).  Basically, they serve Italian cuisines and well known with the homemade pizza using wood fire.  I had lemon & rosemary chicken pasta (as shown above). Taste was not bad, service was quite good, interior part of the restaurant was well decorated and price was reasonable. Worth to try! :)

#5: Outfit of the day
Me with a very cute tee from F.O.S. Not really my style but I think I'm still looking good with it, HAHAHA. 
(Ignore the messy background :p)

So that's all, see you again (maybe weeks later :p)


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