Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[Food Review] The Happy 8 | Secret Garden | Zento @ Ipoh

While waiting for job offer letter from ministry of health, food hunting is the best way to kill boredom and make use of my leisure time.  It was also the main reason of growing horizontally/ put on weights recently, other than having sedentary lifestyle for months.  Waist length is increasing inch by inch from day to day, hope I still can fit in all my formal pants by the time I start working later :/  

Back to topic, this time around I had my food hunting in Ipoh!
Instead of bean sprouts chicken or hor fun, thanks bf for bring me to so many atas restaurants during my last visit to his hometown. *giggles*

1. The Happy 8

It was newly opened in Ipoh old town.  If you didn't notice, you may have miss it out when passing by because there's no signboard outside o.0 I got to know this place from newspaper for the awesome interior design which come from designers from different countries.  With the concept of natural and vintage, this cafe is well decorated with many wood pieces including the giant wooden front door.  I was like "wow" (imagine me with the expression of jaw-dropping) once I stepped into this place.

We were greeted by a few young ladies at the front desk.  For your information, this place was modified from an old double storeys shop.  Downstairs there's the cafe while upstairs is the guesthouse.  Food ordering and payment were made in advance at the front desk, while food will be served after be seated.

See the decoration?

Where is the food? Here you are :D

Omelet rice - a signature dish as recommended by the front desk.
 Look like "nasi goreng pataya" in mamak though, believe me there's something different, just not really worth for the price :/

His salmon rice.
The salmon was grilled pretty good, just in a way too plain to be served with white rice.

My papaya milk - Had been craved for this since I was back from Taiwan.
Unfortunately, this one failed to satisfy my crave, too milky for me >.<

Conclusion: This is a great place to hang around with people for its cozy ambiance.  However, food is pretty pricey for the food quality, not really worthy to be honest.  You gonna love this if you love taking photos around but re-visit? No really :/

2. Secret Garden

Another lovely place in the town.  From the name itself, you need to pass through a small alley before reaching.  Reminded me the story of secret garden, a hidden garden behind the wall, so mysterious.  This bistro was a bungalow originally and was modified into this fine dining venue.  Not relatively high end though, somewhere in between 5 stars restaurant and garden cafe, good enough to minimize the awkwardness I usually have during fine dining.

Talking about the food and drinks, there are wide varieties of option available on the menu.  Spaghetti, steak, pork knuckle, soups, salads, fruits juices, liquors as well as some finger foods.

Here are the food we ordered :D

Cappuccino soup as appetizer (Yes, cappuccino!)
The taste is quite special and new to me, highly recommended! 

My aglio olio - Taste average, served with garlic bread and a big juicy mushroom (thumb up for the mushroom LOL)

His spaghetti (Forgot the name)

Conclusion: The food is not bad even though the price is quite high too :/ Thumb up for the great environment and service.  A great place to dine especially for celebrating special occasions (birthday, anniversary, gathering, you name it!)

3. Sushi Zento

Visited this place for lunch before leaving Ipoh.  A typical japanese restaurant like Sushi zanmai, Sakae sushi or sushi king.  Serving sushi, temaki, sashimi, teppanyaki, donburi, ramen and some of these come in set meal too. Didn't take many photos on that day because we were starving after coming back from Taiping Lol!

My grilled pork donburi, served with miso soup
Taste quite good, not sure if it is because of I was too hungry that time :p

Conclusion: I kinda love this place, very spacious and with friendly service.  The foods are not bad and at affordable price.  I shall try their sushi next time! :))

So that's all for the food entry this time, hope you really like it!
Three restaurants in one review, sorry if making you hungry right now, hahaha!
Till then, see you next time! xoxo


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