Monday, June 13, 2016

[Review] Innisfree Orchid Skin Care Series

Hi beauties, I'm back. 

Korean skin care products are always in my top list and Innisfree is one of my favorite brand undoubtedly.  I had been using their products ranging from skin care, masks, make ups and even my cotton pads were from Innisfree (they should invite me as their next ambassador).  My current obsession from Innisfree is the Orchid series since I'm back from Korea in January and I'm quite satisfy with the effects they gave, which explains why I had decided to write a review on this series after so long!

Bought this series at an Innisfree outlet in Dongdaemun.  I was intended to buy green tea serum at first.  However, I was told by a sales assistant that Orchid series might suit me more as it provides full nourishment, tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and gives radiant for ageing skin.  Fml.  Okay, I have to admit that I'm old now.

They were having a promotion on this series at 25000 won for 4 items in a Wonder Box, which include Orchid Enriched Cream 50ml (actual size), Orchid lotion 50ml (travel size), Orchid Skin 50ml (travel size), cotton pads and another item in actual size.  Lucky me, I got Orchid Eye Cream 30ml after opening the box.

The sequence of using: skin > lotion > eye cream > enriched cream

1. Orchid Skin 

It's an emulsion which has light texture and can be easily absorbed.  I apply this product right after face cleansing.

2. Orchid Lotion
Serving as a lotion, it provides and locks the moisture deep in the skin.

3. Orchid Eye Cream
Serving as an eye cream, it is so smooth to be applied which reduces the chance of over-stretching the skin around eyes area. 

4. Orchid Enriched Cream

It functions as a moisturizer which is used at the last step to lock all the nourishment and moisture in the skin.  The only part which I don't like is the texture.  This cream is kinda thick which makes it harder to be spread through my face #bigfaceproblem
Also, it doesn't come with the applicator, which can cause a hygienic problem. 

Overall, I would rate 8/10 for this whole series.  These products do really nourish and gave radiant to my skin.  Even though the anti wrinkles effect isn't really promising,  these products worth a try especially at this affordable price!  

Re-purchase? Why not.


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