Monday, October 21, 2013

[Review] Geographer Cafe @ Jonker Street, Malacca

If you ever have a chance to visit Malacca, I would highly recommend you to spend an evening in Geographer Cafe, a cafe with great ambiance located in Jonker street which you shouldn't miss out.

Heard of this cafe quite some time ago because the movie 《夏日麼麼茶》 starring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng.  However, never had a chance to drop by until this time, my 4th time of visiting Malacca (God knows why I'm so into this town).  All thanks to Xiang Xiang (friend of my sister from Taiwan) for insisting to pay a visit, I fell in love with this cafe immediately, or I should say magically.

Geographer cafe is also known as “地理學家咖啡館”

Geographer cafe was established since year 1999, operated in the pre-war colonial building.  Stepping into this cafe, looking at the old posters hanging on the wall, gave me a false sense of stepping into 60's or 70's. It was well decorated with antiques and some old photos along the theme of retro.  Don't be surprise, this cafe can be so crowded and flooded with tourists from all over the world, especially during weekend.  Thus, we choose to be seated upstairs to enjoy some quiet moment.

We were seated in front of the windows to have a view of jonker street from different angle

Spacious and cozy environment

You can find antiques from a few decades ago

They serve local delights and western food if you wish to have a meal here.  Otherwise, you may order some beers, liquors, cocktails, mocktails, fruit juices or coffee if you wish to have a light drink in late evening.  I ordered Daiquiri, a cocktail of rum, lemonade and rock sugars.  It was quite refreshing and taste good for a cocktail beginner like me.

Daiquiri (RM 19.50)

We spent a few hours there, chatting and observing the story of this town through the windows.  No doubt, this cafe would be my first choice to have some relaxing moment if I ever come back to this town again.  Perhaps a book plus a cup of coffee would be more than enough for you to spend couples of hours here.

Ps: Come here in evening or night to have a better ambiance!

Till then, see you again!


  1. I like to go there oso. Just for having lunch there. Lunch is healthy vegetarian!!

  2. Oh really? I shall re-visit at lunch hour next time :))

  3. hi there yup dunno how many times been to malacca but nvr had a chance to 'lepak' at one of the cafe yet, definitely will try it on another visit! hmmm! btw congratulation on the convo dear ^^ n u must b friend with Sabby??? hehhee

  4. Thank you my dear, I'm following her blog! :))

  5. I just remembered I had a drink there 13 years back.

  6. Smartan Dad: Wow, does it still looks the same?


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