Friday, October 18, 2013

My Big Day - Convocation 2013

You know what, I was graduated from University Malaya last 2 weeks.
Or in excited mood I shall yell
"Hey there, I was officially graduated from UM, so damn happy, omg omg!"
Haven't get enough from the exhilaration I had 2 weeks ago, I admit :p

If getting married is the most important moment in life, then convocation should immediately go after it.
It was the day to receive the scroll from chancellor after studying hard for 4 years in university.
It was also the day where every parents would proud of and feel pleased with their child.
By the way, it was also my first time to step onto the stage of DTC (the largest hall in UM) after 4 years, HAHAHA.

Leaving university is bitter sweet.
The countless tests and exams, the heavy loads of assignment and the never ending presentations throughout these years never fail to darken my dark eye circles and double the pimples on my face.
Not to forget the research project in my final year, which had killed half of my total brain cells.
Did I mentioned the massive works I had when joining activities in hostel too?
It wasn't as simple as what I expected initially.

Yet, the memories created, the laughter and jokes we had, gave me a second thought about graduation: having to leave my besties in uni is such a difficult moment in life.
And stepping into working life soon is another big unknown which gives me a sense of fear :/
I bet this is the bitter part of graduation.

Anyway, I did it finally. 
The 4 years of study were eventually ended up with a bachelor degree of pharmacy (honours).
Thank you papa and mama for all your unconditional loves and supports.
Thank you all my ancestors ah gong ah ma for blessing me to pass all my exams. Lol.
Not to forget the lecturers who fed me with priceless knowledge and friends who made my university life a memorable one.
Thank you and thank you.

Here are the photos I took with my family and friends on my convocation day.
Sorry for the poor photo quality from my phone as I forgot to bring along my camera T.T (I guess I was in a way to nervous until miss it out and only realized it when I was already on the highway).
Such a melancholy every time I recall.

Disclaimer: Photos with watermark owned by myself and the rest were taken from my friends :))

And, please bear with my sweaty face and smudged makeup because the whole area around DTC was flooded with people and I felt so damn hot under the thick + heavy robes! HAHA

With my beloved family
Photo credits to Pooi Mun

With my second family a.k.a. the buddies
Thanks for coming to my convocation, love the bouquet and pressie a lot!  
Ps: Congratz buddy Sue for engagement with Dr Schee ya!
Photo credits to Pooi Mun

With Huei Erh (the 1st person I got to know in UM, also my "makan kaki") and Jey Vonn (who is super soft spoken since the 1st day I knew her)
Photo credits to Huei Erh

With Amelia, the person who always sit beside me in lecture hall, another "makan kaki" HAHA

With Karling, my roommate for first 2 years in UM
Photo credits to Karling (super hardworking in editing all the photos!)
With Shi Qi, who is very good in every field (academic, sports, cooking, art... you name it!)

With Beng Wong, the boss of my gang (can't wait for the "red bomb" from him, HAHA)

With Mery, Karling & SC (who is good in everything except playing the extreme games like roller coaster Lol)
With Huei Erh and Yoonsee a.k.a. Gigi Yeap, will never forget her epic "teeth show"  

Time will fade but memories will last for a lifetime.  I'll never forget the ups and downs, laughter and tears we shared together.  Memories created shall be kept for eternity.
Anyway, graduation is not the end, life is just about to begin, all the best everyone, take care and keep in touch always!
With loves.  

Hereby I end the last chapter of my study life with the photo of me in the robes and mortar.

Till then, see you again! xoxo


  1. woots pharmacist :p Congratulations anyway!!

  2. Teehee, thank you Yuh Jiun! ^^

    you must have studied very hard!!
    xx Charmaine


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