Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Food review] Brut Cafe, Kampar

Hi foodies, another food review for you, especially if you're staying in Kampar,  studying in Kampar UTAR, or you so happen to visit Kampar one day.

This review gonna be a bit different from the previous one because the shop is owned by someone I knew - Kenry, my ex-schoolmate.  Unbelievable huh? I just graduated from university and not even start working yet but he became a boss already.  Shall I 自愧不如? (be ashamed of myself)
But then I'm not receiving any benefits from him, so this review is based on my own opinions without any biases.

Back to topic.

From the name Brut Cafe, it means raw or unrefined in French.  That's why you won't be surprise to see there is not much decoration here.  Perhaps less is more, the interior is simple but nice. Good lighting is another plus point.  Together with the music circling around, I felt extra comfortable here.

Cozy, clean and simple design

"All day breakfast", this is what I heard before stepping into this cafe.
Flippin' through the menu, there are a few varieties of pasta, sandwich, egg benedict and coffee which you may choose from.  If you couldn't decide which one to order (like me), feel free to ask recommendation from the boss, he will explain and decide for you patiently.

So here are the food we had :))

Bacon carbonara spaghetti
Tasted average, would be nicer if it is more cheesy 

Egg benedict 
Seems to be small portion, but large enough to make you feel full
Taste good, I kinda like this one over the spaghetti

Iced latte
A big thumb up for this even though it looks like normal "kopi ais" in most kopitiam
Typical kopitiam won't offer something as good quality as this one 

If you were thinking food with good quality must be very pricey, I'm going to prove you wrong.  Two main courses with two drinks cost us around RM 35 only, so what you say?
I will definitely re-visit if I go Kampar again.  Hope to have more choices of food on the menu next time :))

Brut Cafe
59, Persiaran Batu Karang,
Taman Kolej Perdana,
31900 Kampar,

If you ever have a chance to open a shop, what kind of shop it gonna be?
I used to dream of opening a pastry house, how about you?


  1. First time see a egg benedict served on pancake :)

  2. choi yen: haha, I found it kinda special too! Maybe you should try it out if you happen to visit kampar one day :D

  3. yes, I am definitely stay in Kampar, as a Utar Student! ur this post really help. I have a friend who really like to eat eggs all the time. what is ur fb? I want to add u, mine is Maple Shuh Hong, then u will find me, add me!

  4. Owh the food is just tempting :3

  5. Maple: Your friend gonna love the egg benedict there :D Hehe, just added you on fb! Nice to meet u!^^

  6. Anonymous: Haha, yea, looking good and tasting good too! :D

  7. o.o make my stomach growl in hunger
    kampar, hee, i have my ex classmates over there studying at UTAR
    would love to visit there one day

    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway

  8. Oh wow, would love to join it definitely! :))

  9. Great review! Will visit them if I happen to travel to KL ;)

  10. Katelyn: hehe, it's located in Kampar btw :))

  11. Just happened craving for spaghetti now~~

  12. Clumsy Mel: haha, I love spaghetti very much too! :D

  13. Omg im so jealous and im reading this like first thing in the morning so im already hungry.. :(

  14. Crown Polish: Hehe, sorry to make u hungry! Visit this cafe if u have any chance, my friend will be very happy! :D

  15. Pinky (if I rmb your name correctly?): Hehe, I'm not from Utar kampar but staying in a town nearby :D

  16. Just got hungry!!!!!

    Following you cutie.

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