Sunday, May 05, 2013

Tram Car Cafe @ 32 Square, Section 19, PJ

Okay, a short one.  
It was a dinner date with KC at Tram Car Cafe @ Three Two Square, PJ.  
He picked this restaurant because he heard the food there quite nice.  
So we went for a try!

In correspond to the name "Tram Car Cafe", this restaurant was designated based on the Portuguese tram car theme.  
For your better understanding, this is how a tram car looks like :p

Photo taken from google

The environment was delightful and classy, however it was spoiled when they turned the radio on and it was channel 988. Not to say I dislike this channel, the point is, don't you think it was kinda weird and wasn't really match the atmosphere?  Hmmm...

Another thing was, I was a bit shocked when the waitress came to take our order.  
She asked "Leng lui, 要吃什麼?" (in cantonese). 


Okay, big sweat on my forehead =.=lll

Forget about that, let's look at what we had for our dinner.

Bread with butter as starter

Chicken chop with brown gravy for me 

Baked fish with white sauce for him

Honeydew juice for me
For me, the taste was just average, not bad and yet not impressive.  Luckily, the price was reasonable.  For fish and chicken were in the range of RM 15- RM 20 only.  It will be more expensive if you order lamb, beef or seafood. 

Re-visit? Hmmm, maybe not.. :-X

That's all for this post, here I ended with my hungry face. 

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