Saturday, May 18, 2013

An old friend

Hi homo sapiens (scientific name of human, lolol)
Can't update blog very frequent these days, I know it's my fault.  No no, not my fault but the thesis's fault, the test's fault, the assignment's fault! Argh, can't stop blaming the whole world like everyone owes me a million dollars.  Pardon me, I'm getting ki siao when I'm getting closer to all those deadlines.  Anyway, I think shall stop grumbling or else will end up with whole full page of complaints here and that's not the purpose of blogging today :p

This is a conversation with an old friend yesterday

Chatted with this fella last yesterday.  The forever bo sim (no heart) fella who seldom start a chat with me except yesterday (so surprising). A long lost friend that I have not meet him for ages.  If not mistaken the last time I saw him was in year 2009, time flies huh bro?

... We fought a lot ...
To date, I guess he's the one that I fight the most with. 
Fight in the sense of arguing la of course. I won't be able to beat him physically.  
However, I can't really remember what we fought for, I can only remember sometimes he was just so annoying until I couldn't stop myself to shoot him gao gao. 
 Of course, he did the same thing to me too and critic almost everything I did.  
Maybe we just couldn't tolerate well with each other?  
God knows why.  

... He called me "自戀狂" ...
He was the one who called me "自戀狂" all the time. 
Almost every time when we met. 
Now when I recall back, somehow I really wonder was I really that 自戀 (conceited) last time? 
 If yes, I am so much humble now, haha!  
Anyway, he was just the same or even worse than me okay.  

... We were couple?! ...
Perhaps we spent too much time to fight with each other, eventually a lot of people thought we will turn to be couple one day. 
Of course, we didn't.  

Don't misunderstand k, it's just a story of mine.  Currently, I have my own bf and he has his gf  too.  Not really know when are we going to meet again but  I definitely will miss this peng you.

* Dude, you still owe me something!

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