Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bread Lounge @ G Tower Hotel

Happy Labour's day people!  Although I'm not working yet, I love Labour's day because it's just another excuse for me to stay away from tonnes of work.  Students love holiday, agree?
In the midst of doing assignments, reports, thesis and etc etc, we took this opportunity (busy like a boss) to sneak out from real world and hunt for nice food!

Despite of having our meal in Feng lai, Tony Roma's, JoJo pan mee, Nando's etc, we tried something different for this time: High tea buffet @ Bread Lounge, G Tower Hotel.  To be honest, I'm not the kind of person who love sweet bites really much like can't live without desserts, and yet, I had so much fun this time. Spending whole afternoon chilling, chit chatting, laughing, gossiping with bunch of friends is just a good way to drag me out of hectic life temporary.

Without saying too much, you must be can't wait for the photos right?
So here you are :D

This first thing I saw was this pair of big chilies hugging in the middle of this restaurant, haha

 This restaurant had a great ambiance. I kinda like the cozy and "garden-ish" environment over there.
Still looking at the two chilies? Lol

This became a good background for us to take photos later on :p

Although it was so-called high tea buffet, it started at 12 noon, so we settled our lunch there sekali gus. 
So worthy! 

Time for some drooling photos #foodporn

The buns, croissant, cupcakes

The little cute cakes 

The breads with provided jams and butter

More breads to go!

Start drooling?

They served some fruits as well

Let's see what I ate in one afternoon! Can't believe I ate so much just now. 
Hope I didn't freak you out and please don't calculate how much calories I had consumed :p

All carbohydrates! Fat die me.. T.T
Review: Frankly say, I was a little bit disappointed with the limited varieties of food there. It will be definitely nicer if they can serve more than they do, such as chocolate fondue, sandwiches, egg benedict, ice-cream and etc. Am I expecting too much? Anyway, luckily we paid by voucher from Groupon at RM29 for each person, so still can be considered worth lah (the original price is RM48!?)

Not to forget, photos of us (stole from Karling's album)

With the girls and me in the middle
Ootd: Kitschen top// Brands outlet shorts// blazer from webstore

The 10 foodies with satisfied faces :)

Aww, how I wish if tomorrow will be still a holiday.. :(((  Looking forward for weekend!

Ps: Start having sore throat, I hope it's not an early symptom of getting sick :-S


  1. 去了 G Hotel @ Tanzini, 可是沒去到你介紹的這個,浪費掉...

  2. 那太可惜了...不過個人認為原價還蠻貴的,買groupon去會比較值得 :)


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much! ^^