Sunday, March 31, 2013

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Me

#1.   I tend to be extreme. I love country music and at the same time I love rock music too. Mayday is the best rock band for me ever.

#2.   I look cool or serious sometimes, but I might not be the same when I mingle around with people that I really close with.

#3.   Perhaps you thought I have angelic kind of heart, I curse people too if they are not treating me well, especially betrayal. So, don't mess up with me!

#4.   Changing hairstyle is a "must do" for me at least once a year. The hairstyle that I wish to try the most and yet not dare enough to try is short crop cut. Need more courage to go for it, haha.

#5.   The craziest thing I had done so far was the 25km marathon in penang 4 years ago.  For people who love sports, 25km is "sap sap sui" (small matter) only, but those who usually jog once in a blue moon like me, 25km almost took my life, lol.

#6.   I used to have good chinese writing skill and won some kind of award from an international writing competition.  But now... hmm, I bet even a primary school kid able to write better than me (not something proud to tell).. =.=

#7.   I have a big dream: to travel alone in other countries. Maybe years later the dream will come true, so keep following my blog for updates :p

#8.    I am not choosy when come to food.  Food/ food ingredients which people commonly dislike, such as onion, celery, ginger and bitter gourd are kinda acceptable for me.

#9.   Titanic and 《我左眼見到鬼 》(an old HK movie starring Sammi Cheng) are the only 2 movies which will make me cry when I watched them for the second time.

#10.   I start playing guitar since the last July.  There's still room for improvement, but I can't wait to show you the first song I learned! Here you go - Zombie by Cranberries.

* Don't expect too much and ignore the background noise k, I only manage to practice when I go back hometown coz the guitar is not with me in KL.. T.T

That's all, bye!

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