Thursday, October 04, 2012

Welcome New Buddy!

This is just a short post, I'm making full use of my lunch time now :p

Went for pharmacy CC dinner two days ago. Basically, the main purpose of having this dinner was to bully juniors.. Oops, should be to encourage a close rapport between seniors and juniors (Haha, no ragging in pharmacy department okay!)

To be more accurate, it was the night where freshies had to put on costume and act according to the character they were assigned to.  For instance, Hulk, Thor, Ultraman, Lady Gaga and etc.  No doubt, it gonna be the most memorable night of their life. Hopefully it wasn't a nightmare instead :p

I had mine 3 years ago (sounds like very old huh) and I was assigned to act as a 包租婆 in Stephen Chow's movie, should be 《功夫》 if not mistaken. Can imagine how I looked like last time? *sweat*

So this is my first year buddy, Will. He's a Perakian too!
Can guess which character he was acting as?
Answer: Hello Kitty (Lol)

 My lovely buddies 
From left: Me (final yr), Will (first yr), Szyuin (second year) and Pooi Mun (third year)

That's all for this post, have to get ready for next class.. zzZ

Stay tune!!

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