Monday, October 08, 2012

Weekly Crappy: October Week 1

Hi there, I am getting lazier and lazier to blog recently. Came across with too many words these days (was busy finding journals for thesis proposal), until it came to a point that my brain told my eyes to stop looking at anymore words. Lol. How I wish I could draw, so that I don't have to write this kind of wordy long-winded story. Haha, *day-dreaming*.

"Weekly Crappy" gonna be a newer writing style that you can see here. To be more exact, it is a "condensed" type of blog post, i.e. I'm going to combine different happenings occurred in one week into a blog post.
Perhaps I will blog in this way more often in future. No choice, life is getting tougher! :-S

#1: Went Food Foundry @ Section 17, PJ
This was the second time I went there.  I was there one week before to try their mille crepe, went there again  to try their main courses. Lol. However, the main course was not as nice as their mille crepe, kinda disappointed. :'(

Chicken chop for me

For him (I forgot the name of this dish)

#2: Convocation 2012
Last whole week was the convocation week of UM for different faculties on different days. On Saturday was definitely the big day for all the graduates from medical faculty, including those from pharmacy department! Congratulation to all my seniors, it would be the best reward after 4-year hard works.  Mine will be in October next year, given with the condition of passing all the tests, exams and research project for sure..Haha. *finger-crossing*

Me with flowers for my buddies

Congratz buddy Jessie !!

Congratulation buddy Sue !!
#3: Dating in One Utama
The main purpose was to buy a birthday present for KC's nephew, Ryan. Kinda weird to shop for toys and surrounded by all the kids there, yet, it was an awesome experience though. Had dinner at a Taiwanese fast food outlet called 小霸王 (Haha, I blog about food again :p).  The foods there were so so only, luckily those didn't cost us a lot.

Dinner set with flower tea

Another thing was, I met blogger Bwincessnana when I was shopping there! Should have stopped her and take a photo together. I just worried of recognizing the wrong person :p Anyway, she looked really gorgeous and tall like a model.  You can check her photos out through the link above and for your information, we are at the same age!

That's all for today, here I end with my photo :p

Flawless skin credit to apps called "Camera360" haha

Going to Cameron this weekend, stay tune for my blog post about it !

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