Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jane Talks About Health

Alright, I shall write this post in a more formal way because I'm going to write about - HEALTH.
Recently, I am so concern with this topic. Probably due to the lecture I had about solid tumor and the true story about fighting cancer I read from CLEO. Most people will never appreciate their health when everything's still okay and only get panic when something has gone wrong to their body system.
"Prevention is better than cure". It sounds like a cliche though, we shouldn't deny how true it is. Health is wealth, it's never too late to start practicing healthy lifestyle! (look like writing an essay :p)

Being a final year student of health care profession (not yet professional), I shall share some of the ways to lead a healthier life. (Said not yet professional, feel free to comment if you disagree with what am I going to share)

1. Stay physically active
Say frankly, I am the kind of person who seldom exercise my body. I would rather watch a movie or crawl to bed whenever I have free time. Until few months ago, I finally had discovered how great the feeling is after coming back from gym! I couldn't put the feeling in words, you have to experience yourself! Should have leave sedentary life earlier :p

Ideally, 5 days in a week and 30 minutes for each session would be the best to work out your body.  But I know 萬事起頭難, quite impossible to start that way, so perhaps starts with once a week?

See, I went hiking leh!

2. Eat healthily 
A lot of disease begins with unhealthy eating habit. For instance, colon cancer and breast cancer are closely related to high fat diet. Chinese idiom said "病從口入" what. Start feeling guilty of what you had for dinner/supper just now? :p

What am I practicing now are: Less oil, less sugar, less salt and less preserved food. More fruits and vegetables are good for your health definitely, especially those rich in antioxidants, such as broccoli, spinach, oranges and berries.  Other than preventing you from diseases, they keep you look younger too! :D

Another big effort I'm practicing now is: Reducing my caffeine intake. Surprise huh? 眾所周知, Jane is a coffee lover but currently I only take 1-2 cups of coffee per week!

Healthy fried rice using olive oil and with a lot of vege
- by Chef Jane (Lol)

3. Stay mentally healthy
I think this is crucial because your body won't be "motivated" to fight against diseases when you're depressed or so-called "emo". I'm trying hard on this because I'm the kind of pessimistic person who can easily get depressed. Luckily, there's a special regimen which able to overcome this problem: Nice food + Mayday's songs, hahaha #faithfulfans

I set Monster (Guitarist of Mayday)'s photo as laptop wallpaper,
everyday happy :D

4. Have enough rest
I guess this will be the hardest part for most people. The ideal 8 hours per day is like a mission impossible. Some people even do not have total sleeping time of 8 hours for 2 nights, Gosh!

If you're reading this post at late night, I am going to shout at you "STOP READING AND GO TO SLEEP NOWWWW!!!!"

Alright, so those are what am I practicing now to lead a healthier life (hope to have more in future). I know I'm a bit cheung hei (long winded), but I still want to say, it's never too late to start practicing healthy life style!

- The End -

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