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Finally I am in the mood to squeeze out some time to blog about my Cameron trip 2 weeks ago (Yea, an expired post by the way, haha)

Said, Life is tough, but it is crucial to take a break, don't you agree?
So, 13 of us with 100% 冒險精神 booked an apartment unit and went Cameron even though there were (still are) tonnes of unfinished works waiting for us. Totally had fulfilled my motto of life "Study hard and play harder".

Here you go, flow of the trip :D

Day 1
1. Departure
The bus ticket we bought earlier was scheduled at 8.30am, so we left PJ around 7am and still had enough time to take breakfast at McD nearby Puduraya. It was bus under Unititi Express, RM70 per pax for 2 ways. Cameron wasn't my first choice of short getaway trip like this due to motion sickness (I had experience of nausea and vomiting all the way up and down the mountain). Lucky was, I reached Tanah Rata safely after siting in bus for almost 4 hours without vomiting at all! A big clap for me please :D

11 sleepy faces while waiting for bus to go Pudu 
2. Arrival
Should have check weather forecast before going. The reason I said so is, it was raining when we reached Tanah RataT.T Although it hasn't reach to the "raining cats and dogs" level, the wet and humid weather definitely had spoiled my mood a bit. *sob sob*

Very soon, we were attracted by the old English style school near the bus stop.

Have no idea why I like this kind of building so much XD

Spot the umbrellas !
 3. Lunch at Mayflower Restaurant
To my surprise, the price were kinda reasonable at most restaurants (approximately RM10), unlike the other tourism destinations where we usually pay extra for something that not worth at all.
Three dishes plus one soup cost us less than RM10 each person. The food was averagely not bad, considered worth lah, hehe.

After lunch, we booked at van to go Brinchang where the apartment located. Had forgotten the fare, but I remember less than RM100 for the whole van which ngam ngam for 13 persons.
RM250 for whole apartment for one night with 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms and spacious living room, much cheaper than any hotels there.

One group photo before continuing our journey :D
Photo by Wannee
4. Strawberry farm
On the way to strawberry farm, there were quite a number of stalls selling varieties of stuffs.  From plants to clothes, I called those as tourist traps :p
Didn't buy anything but managed to snap some nice pics, hehe, paiseh lah boss!

After seeing al these photos again, what can I say is.......

I'm really proud of my photography skill! HAHAHA

 Nice right? 

At strawberry farm finally....

More than 30 types of desserts with strawberry available.  We ordered fried strawberry ice-cream, strawberry waffle, strawberry cheese cake, strawberry yogurt, strawberry chocolate fondue, strawberry sundae (so tired of typing the word “strawberry").  To be honest, the taste were like so so only, even though I'm a strawberry lover :p

5. Night market + steamboat dinner 
No pics taken for night market. Not because of I had forgotten again, but my hands were holding some hot snacks and strawberries I bought there, so no hand to capture picture and just let it be :p

The weather was quite cooling especially after pouring rain, so steamboat definitely the best choice for dinner (no wonder so many steamboat shops there).

Went back apartment after dinner.
It was a damn cold night. Do bring long pants if you're planning to overnight there #FrozenLegs

Day 2
It would be pretty difficult to travel without own transport because most destinations are not within walking distance.  Thus, renting a van for short trip would be a smart choice.  We rented van from the same tourism company as the day before, 9am-1pm (4hours) for RM250.

6. BOH Tea plantation
You can find quite a number of tea plantations in Cameron probably due to the ideal temperature for planting  tea. If not mistaken, BOH tea plantation is located at the highest point of the mountain among the rest (more than 5000ft sea level according to Google).

Let's pictures tell how beautiful the place is.
The greenish tea plantation

Appeared in previous post too :)

Inside BOH processing factory (not as big as I expected, haha)

Exhibition site

Wholesale site 

With Wei Yan, SC, Wannee and Kyle

It's a cafe, looks nice from outside huh?
7. Bee Farm
"Busy like a bee" definitely reflects my current condition, lol. Back to topic, it's a place for cultivating honey. At there, you can have a "close contact" with bees! Haha, but don't worry, those bees won't attack you as long as you're not stealing their honey (winnie the pooh?) lol.

Fake bee

Real bee

With Yi Syian, Cha Sin, Siow Hoong, Karling, Amelia, Yoonsee, Huei Erh and SC
8. Rose Farm 
Last destination before leaving Cameron. Although the place was named as "rose farm", more than rose are there. I guess girls will like this place because girls love flowers, agree?


Super love this kind of plant, can I have them in my house too?

Funny us

Another good shot, Haha

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *        

That's all my Cameron short getaway trip. Special thanks to those who planned for it. Truly enjoy the trip especially with this group of awesome people (excluding bad weather).  Lots of laughter, lame jokes we had made.
From Malacca (you can read the post here), Bukit Tinggi (read about it here) to Cameron, what's next?
Shall we travel abroad, huh?
Looking forward the next trip :D

Here I end my post, see you again!


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