Monday, May 07, 2012

Short Getaway Trip to Bukit Tinggi

As you can see from the title itself, I went Bukit Tinggi a.k.a. French village yesterday.
It is located at halfway before reaching Genting Highland.
Wanted to go this place since quite some times ago, finally we able to make it this time :)

Went there by renting van under Colmar Tropicale Resort, which belongs to Berjaya group.
RM55 per person for two-way journey.
Got irritated terribly by the van driver. I've freaking a lot to complain about him but I'll leave it to end of this post so that it won't ruin your reading mood.. :p

To save my energy, let's proceed to photos now. I know I'm very lazy anyway. Lol.
Here we go......

The landmark of Bukit Tinggi - French style building

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Me and swan (Haha, I know swan is prettier here)

Great building with stunning model SC
As if I was in fairytale

Ceramic (?) available in souvenir shop. RM30 each :-S

Wow, Amelia was invited to dance with the dancers!!

Lunch time in a French + Malaysian style restaurant. Oops, sorry for not remembering the name of it.

Awesome atmosphere

Entertained by a few talented singers who have great voices and able to sing in different languages!

My lunch : Classic Roasted Quarter Chicken with BBQ sauce + Pasta Tuna Salad + Mashed Potato

Chilled orange juice
Went Japanese village after lunch by free shuttle truck.

<--- Japanese village this way
No joking, you need to climb a 30 degree slope before reaching Japanese village. Advice 1: wear shoes which are easier for walking.
 In Japanese village, you can pay RM20 to wear Japanese kimono for photo shooting.  RM20 for 20 minutes, so 1 minute RM1. Lol. Since we never wear kimono before, so had a try even though it's kinda expensive.

Japanese wannabe: Jane - さん
Amelia - さん

Shu Cheat - さん

Huei Erh - さん
お元気ですか!! (O-gen-ki-desuka)
 After that, we went botanical garden which was roughly 1km away. Thus, we reached there by walking.

Posing with mineral water because it costs me RM3 =.=  Advice 2: Bring along your own water.

Lily species (Forgot the name :p)

Look like feather isn't it?

There's a big area to walk around in botanical garden. You will definitely love it if you love plants :)

Now, come back to the story of that terrible kanasai van driver.
(Feel free to skip this part if you don't want to listen to my grumble)

We had already bought return ticket (leaving Bukit Tinggi at 6.30pm) at sales office 1 day before.
Before starting our journey, when we met that fella, he insisted to ask us to leave Bukit Tinggi at 4.30pm instead of 6.30pm, saying that it will be very jam at that time.
However, we refused him because we were worried it won't be enough time for us to walk around and capture photos.
Thus, that insane was unhappy with us and drove like drifting all the way up to Bukit Tinggi. Besides, he was also smoking in van! wth.
Another thing that I couldn't really tolerate with was, he talked to his friend through phone and said we were "siao" (insane in Hokkien) for unwilling to leave Bukit Tinggi earlier. SHIT him, we had paid and we should have our own right to make decision right?

On the way back, no traffic jam at all. This had clearly shown that, he just simply wanna finish working earlier. DAMN.

That's all for my short getaway trip. Other than that stupid van driver, everything was fine.
Advice 3: Have your own transport if you wanna visit this place.

Here I end this post.
Au revoir! (Goodbye in French)


  1. I went there before. The driver was fine except his commercialized brain. Haha.besides your advice 3, I did follow all!

  2. Haha, maybe we were just unlucky enough to get that driver.. :p


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much! ^^