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Our Malacca Trip

It had been a week ago since I came back from Malacca.

Needless to say, this trip was awesome even though we planned it spontaneously, Haha.

What we had was not a luxurious trip or lawatan sambil belajar (visiting museum?! wth)..but FOOD HUNTING!!

No doubt, we are craving for nice food all the time.. XD


Early in the morning, we took transnasional bus at 9am from Tasik Selatan Bus Terminal to Melaka Central.  It was a 1 hour 45 min journey and cost us RM12.50.

Melaka central was kinda far away from Jonker Street by walking.  Luckily town bus was available, or else we will die of walking.
That was how our journey began!!

Quite an old bus

1st station: Jonker 88
It was a small restaurant located at Jonker street, selling laksa and cendol.  I tried Yuan Yang laksa and baba cendol.
For your information, Baba laksa was more to spicy whereas Nyonya laksa was more to sour. When Baba met nyonya, became Yuan Yang laksa (I'm telling the truth k).  I don't know if it was because of we were too hungry that time, the foods were so tasty!!

Yuan Yang laksa (RM5)

Left : Honey sea coconut ice kacang
Right: Baba cendol

Inside the shop
2nd station: Malacca Stadthuys (so called "Red house")
Stepping on this historical land, for sure we had to go to this kind of historical place.
Yet, we did nothing at this place, except photos taking, Haha.

Tan Beng Swee Clocktower

Christ Church Malacca
3rd station: San Shu Gong (三叔公
Eat , eat and eat!
It was a dessert shop located at Jonker street.  It raised fame of selling durian cendol, Amoy Yuan Yang waffle, icy white coffee and etc. I highly recommend icy white coffee here, smell nice and taste great too! ^ ^




Amoy yuan yang waffle

Highly recommended: Icy white coffee

Must try durian cendol if you're a durian lover
4th station: Malacca river cruise
No matter you're going with your partner, family or besties, Malacca river cruise is one of the best destination.
Previously heard of quite a lot of bad comments about this place, but I found that those were not true.
We just need to pay RM10 each person and got the opportunity to see the another side of Malacca for 45minutes.

Feel like I was on Venice river
Amazed by their wall painting skill

Peaceful moment

Have you ever seen monorail in Malacca?

Say "Hi" to the people on opposite boat

5th station: Museum Samudera
It was not in our plan initially. Since we saw this place, we just went into it and had a look around.
Actually nothing much inside and it was a bit troublesome because we had to remove our shoes before entering it. Although plastic bag was provided at the ticket counter, don't you think it's very not environment friendly?
Here are some of the photos we took.

Hello there~~

Can you guess what are they doing?

Operation hour

6th station: Capitol Satay
This was one of our "must-go" destination. For what? SATAY CELUP of course!!
After waiting for 2 hours, we survived the crowds finally, woohoo~
One stick costs RM0.80 only and I ate around 20 sticks! >.<
Now I understand why I gained so much weight after coming back from Malacca...=.=

Here we are

A long queue

Food lovers : D

7th station: Jonker Walk
This was my second time of visiting to this place. I like it a lot. Perhaps  this is the only place which able to represent the true identities of Malacca.

Jonker walk

I spent RM4 because of the creative bottle.. =.=


8th station: Chop Chung Wah

Without eating chicken rice balls means you never go to Malacca before!
There were so many shops in Malacca are selling chicken rice balls. This is the best I heard from many food bloggers. Proven by the long queue in front of this shop. Haha.

Before entering


Chicken rice balls

9th station: Tan Kim Hock and Gu Pong Enterprise
These are the places where you can buy some local snacks.
Dodol, pineapple cookies, coconut cookies and etc are their hot selling stuffs.

(This is not an advertisement)

I like their deco

10th station: Nadeje Cafe
Last but not least, Mille Crepe!!!
So many people told me before how tasty it is. Finally, I grabbed this golden opportunity to have a mouthful of it. We ordered the original and tiramisu mille crepe. Both were quite nice for me, truely 入口即溶 (melted once got into mouth ->poor translation wth)~ yummy! But I do prefer tiramisu mille crepe, hehe. It costs us RM9++ per slice.

This is the place

Makes people drooling

How about our accommodation?
Well, due to our very spontaneous plan, so many hotels had been fully booked. We only manage to book a guesthouse called "Eastern Heritage Guesthouse" few days before going. It took us 2 hours to find the location.
When we reach........DAMN!
That place was really a typical kind of guesthouse: no water heater, old and not so clean.. :-S

Luckily we managed to find another one near to Jonker street, which is known as "Riverside paradise".
It was a newly opened home stay (instead of guesthouse), thus everything was still very new and clean. 
The owners were friendly and nice enough for me. They even filtered and screened suitable roommates  for
their guests who were staying in attic room (dorm like room).
I felt their 100% sincerity and knew they are running this business not to make money only.

Small lounge at back side

Love the riverside view to the max

You can even hear chime from church
 For more information about this home stay, you can log on to

See you again, Malacca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I end my extremely long post. (phewww)

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