Monday, September 17, 2012


The first week of lectures in my final year was overed. Pretty like the timetable this time because only Friday class starts at 8am so can sleep more on other days, wakaka.

Let me do a quick summary of the entire week :D

#1: Huei Erh's Birthday Celebration at Plan B@Mid Valley Megamall & Alexis Bar and Bistro@ The Gardens.
On 10th September was Huei Erh, my ex-roommate's 22nd birthday.  We were in dilemma of deciding the venue for dinner.  Our plan A was Waku-Waku (A Japanese-Malaysian fusion restaurant) and plan B was Plan B (lol).  In the end Plan B was chosen because less customers in Waku-Waku, perhaps Plan B is nicer?

Heard of Plan B quite some times ago, finally a new branch was opened in Mid Valley.  Since their sandwiches was highly recommended in other food blogs, so I gave a try.

The Loaded Club Sandwich (RM21). With grilled chicken, turkey bacon and egg mayo.
It came with salad and home-made chips as side dishes.
The taste was good except the salad and it was quite a big portion for me.

Sky juice was served in amber glass bottle sort of like chemicals.  Haha.
Photo taken using my new xperia phone, so the dimensions differ from camera.
SC die die said her shot was better than mine, so I just put hers up here la. 

Me and SC
Birthday celebration without birthday cake is a big No No. Thus, 2nd round at Alexis. It was my second time to be there and I'm sure I will re-visit again and again coz I mad love their cakes!!

Birthday cake for the birthday girl. Forgot the name of it but the taste was freakingly good. Yummy~
Group photo :)
#2: Mille crepe @Food Foundry, section 17.
Kinda miss the mille crepe I had at Nadeje Cafe, Malacca last time. Heard mille crepe is availabe in Food Foundry too, so went there with KC during the long weekend. The taste was good but texture slightly different from the one in Malacca. I think the one in Malacca still the best :p

Mango mille crepe
#3: Hiking at Broga Hills.
Went there with KC too.  One word to describe the experience : adventurous. It was raining cats and dogs about 20 minutes after we reached to the first peak. We were like dilemma whether to stay there until rain stopped or leave.  In the end, we followed the second option as the cold temperature was killing us and most people were leaving that time.  Since, it was raining heavily, the road was damn muddy and slippery.  There were a few times when I lost my balance and almost fell down. What in my mind was only "OMG, I don't want to die".. Lol.

Luckily we leave Broga Hills safely in one piece. All thanks to the people who lend their hands even though we do not know each other.  And KC for sure :)

This was how I looked like after hiking under pouring rain = wet hairs + muddy shoes

100% Sexy? Lol

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        

Alright, have to go back to class tomorrow and it will be a big day for all the pharmacy final year students as we have to fight for choose our final year research project title >.<
God bless me please !!


  1. have not been seeing you for ages!
    all the best :) God bless you :))

  2. You look very gorgeous now and may all the best for you too :)


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