Monday, August 06, 2012

We Are So Proud of You

Typed and backspaced. Typed and backspaced. 
Words are hiding in my mouth, struggling yet hesitating to escape out. 
What I want to say is, "Dato' Lee Chong Wei, you're the hero over the whole nation, we are so proud of you!"

With the same opponent, he lost the game again.  It was heart-breaking when I saw his tweet "I'm sorry".
Perhaps, he felt guilty for not being able to win the first Olympic gold medal of Malaysia even though people were putting high expectation on him. However, he did not know that he already the "No. 1" in the heart of every single Malaysian. 

Skill wins medals, but attitude wins hearts. Dato' deserved cheers from all of you, no matter you were watching the match or not. Although he was injured few months ago, he did not give up and continued training to prepare himself well for this game.  It's undeniably a good attitude to learn from: NEVER GIVE UP AND BE TOUGH!!

"What makes you proud of your country?"
For me, Dato' Lee Chong Wei for sure. 

For those who were so desperate for Baskin Robin ice-cream, please spend your own money and buy it yourself okay.  

At last, salute Dato' Lee Chong Wei !!!

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