Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back From Holiday

Hello all !! I can't believe it was one month ago since the last time I blogged.  I was too lazy to write and not even to start a blog post. No doubt, holiday was the best excuse for laziness. Anyway, please congratulate me because my holiday is ended and I have to leave my sedentary life starting from today until my next long holiday, which will be after half a year. And gosh, I am officially a final year student now!!

So how was my holiday? Not much different from the previous one = eat, sleep and let myself rotting.
But but but, I had done something different too okay or else I gonna regret deeply for wasting too much time if 2012 is the end of the world.

#1: Attachment in UMMC and Medsons Pharmacy Sdn. Bhd. Bidor.
Basically I only had the chance to observe their work flow and not much hand-on. Through this, I also had realized that I still need to work harder to prepare myself before working.

With pharmacist Mr Ang and two UKM students

This is what I got after goyang-ing in pharmacy for 10 days

#2: Guitar self-directed learning.
Wanted to learn guitar since ages ago and finally bought my first guitar by Techno in July. I didn't attend any guitar lesson because a lot of people were telling me that we can learn guitar by watching tutorial video from Youtube.  So far manage to play a few chords and the song by Adele, "Someone like you".

#3: Read two books: No Turning Back by Susan Lewis and 《上課不要看小說》 by Giddens.
Bought the first one using 1Malaysia book voucher last time and the second one belongs to my sister. Both are okok for me only, so I'm not going to do a review on them.

#4: Re-visit Genting Highlands.
This is definitely not a new place for me because I worked there for few months after SPM. There was not much changes even after few years. My main purpose to be there was the casino even though I told my friend who was working there all the way I went Genting was to visit her, lol.  Initially I thought I'll be stopped by the guard to check my IC. Too bad it didn't happen, which indicated that I looked older than my age. Fml. The interior of casino was not as luxurious as I expected. Probably due to what I saw from tv usually are casinos in Macau or Las Vergas , haha. I didn't gamble because I didn't know how to gamble at all, so better not to put my money at risk.

Me in front of casino :D

Had it in Pizza Hut @ Genting.
Have to show this picture because my friend said the seeds on top look  like ovum, how do u think? :p

#5: Hairstyle was changed.
To make myself younger (actually just simply wanna change hairstyle), I had cut my lengthy curly hair and dyed it too. This time I was not using Liese bubble hair color due to the poor effect on my stubborn hair strands and tried Revlon Colorsilk (color 42: Medium Auburn). It turned out in a way poorer than Liese bubble. The shades was much darker than the one shown on packaging. It was more like ash brown for me. Maybe I will stick back to Liese bubble next time :p

Pass or fail? Lol

#6: Family visiting to Sitiawan.
It's been long time my family didn't have one day trip like this. If not mistaken the last time I went family trip was the Hatyai trip during my secondary school time. This time we went to the temple with largest 大伯公 statue in South-east Asia. Dropped by Lumut jetty and Teluk Batik beach on the way back too. Too bad elder sis still in Taiwan and couldn't join us this time. Hope to have more trip in future :)

The statues 


蜂糖黑黃豆花 (Mixed of tau fu fa made by soy beans and black beans + honey)


Daddy & mommy


My two younger sis

At Lumut jetty
Alright, so I'm in my final year now, in other words saying a hectic year ahead. However, what had been told by Dr Has this morning was true: "Be discipline to get success". Have to work harder onward, study hard and smart too. Not to forget my quote: Study like a Boss!! Hahahaha

All the best in this new semester ahead :)

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