Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Days In UMMC ...

Finally, my attachment with University Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) was ended (Actually it ended couple days ago and I was busy with report, and still is, that's why have no time to update here).  
Briefly say, attachment was something like "industrial training" in other fields, i.e. we learned what we are going to apply in our future career (If I able to graduate successfully * finger-crossed*).

As mentioned in the previous post, everything was fine except 9 hours were a bit too long especially when I had nothing to do there. In certain days, 9 hours were like 9 days which sort of like killing me 0.0
But but but, it was not that bad actually as we able to gain a lot of knowledge that were not found in textbook. Pharmacists and PRPs (Provisionally Registered Pharmacists) there were like "ever-ready" and never kiam-siap (stingy) to give us guidance even though they were busy enough with their own works. Really wonder does the same apply to other government hospitals?

Basically, our job scope everyday more or less the same, in both outpatient and inpatient pharmacy.
What we had done in these two weeks were like observing the workflow, packing of medicines and goyang kaki grabbed as much knowledge as possible from pharmacists.

This was how I looked like before going to hospital. Look professional leh? Haha.

Oops, ter-snapped watching cartoon (!!!) in paediatric ward for being too free in paediatric pharmacy. Lol.

Last day in Outpatient Pharmacy. With Ricky and Cheryl.

To be honest, I truly appreciate this opportunity to be attached to UMMC even though for 2 weeks only.  One of the PRP also told me that most of them are actually happy to work there as in the hierarchy of organisation is not obvious and there's no big gap between senior and junior pharmacists which can be easily found in other settings.

Currently I am doing attachment in a community pharmacy in my hometown which is pretty cool too!

My desire to be a good pharmacist is sparkling again! Hope it will last long, hahaha :D

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