Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, Guitar !!!

Howdy there?
I've been attached to University Malaya Medical Center for almost two weeks and tomorrow will be the last day!
Being there was definitely great, except 9 hours was a bit too long for me especially when I had nothing to do and just wandering around. (Will write more on this topic in next post, Hahahaha)

Another thing is, finally I got my guitar!!!
Wanted to learn playing guitar since ancient time ago. After the hospital and community pharmacy attachment, I still have one month plus holiday to go, so I think there won't be anymore reason for me to procrastinate :p
Hehe, so here is the photo of me and my new "toy" :D

Actually just posing only :p
But who knows I can play well in future? *confident*

Hahaha, that's all for today, see ya! ;)

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