Thursday, June 16, 2011

NoGAPS Rock !!!!!

National Gathering of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS) was successfully held from 9th to 13th June 2011. Ten years ago, this annual event was first launched in UM. After ten years, we became the host for this event again.

Initially, I was a member for the sponsorship bureau only. However, just before the study week started, one of my friends, Siow Hoong who was from Programme and Protocol bureau was recruiting ushers for the Gala night (closing ceremony for NoGAPS). Thus, I joined without much hesitating. Other than that, I was selected to be the group leader of group 5 too. Needless to say, this event gave me a lot of fun.

During the first three days (6th - 8th June), we were busy for the rehearsal for opening ceremony and closing ceremony. Actually the works for usher were quite easy only. We just needed to remember the VIP that we needed to usher and the position to stand. Yet, the time that we spent on waiting for the rehearsal made me felt helpless the most.. :p
See, beautiful ushers with emcee, floor master and stage master of the Gala night! ^^

"Number five , number five, we are fast and furious FIVE !!"
This was the cheers for group 5. It was my pleassure for being selected as the group leaders for this group. Actually my jobs were more and less the same as a facilitator, those were taking care of the group members and make sure they attended each and every activities. Somemore my group members were just so nice, so it was not really tiring for being a group leader. From ice-breaking session in the beginning till gala night in the end, it was really good to know them.  They came from different universities in different states but sharing the same characteristic : They were just so amazing!

Front row (from left) : Yi Syian, Leevanea, Cynthia, Mukand, Siti Aishah, Nur Atiqah, ME
Back row (from left) : Xin Yun, Ashivinni, Jia Wen, Hayatun, Sole, Heather, Aainaa, Nur Fatihah

Wow, I love this picture so much <3

These two photos was taken during explorace at Muzium Seni Asia in UM. It was on my birthday actually. I bet this gonna be the most "memorable" birthday in my lifetime :p

During Gala night ^^

NoGAPS was an undoubtedly great experience for me. The opening ceremony, ice-breaking session, explorace, dare to show, gala night and etc. Although we might never see each other again in coming days, I believe we will keep each and everyone we met during this superb event deep in our heart.

NoGAPS rock !!!

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