Monday, June 06, 2011

B201 - My new house

This is the first morning I woke up in my new house.  For your information, I had moved out from 2nd residential college of UM to an apartment nearby, called University Tower (UT).  Since my adaptation to new place is kinda good, that's why I didn't suffer from any insomnia or nightmare problem last night and sleep like a pig, haha.

I am so free now because the National gathering of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS) preparation works will only start at 4pm later, so I really have nothing to do right now.

To be honest, my house is extremely messy. It is not because of I am too lazy to clean it up, just because of most of the stuffs are not belong to me, so cannot move those things at all.
Hehe,war zone?

By the way, actually everything is fine here. I am free to cook and use all the facilities here. Besides, there is no such a rule which prohibits people to go out with short pants like what in residential college :p

Well, new place , new life , new hope :)

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