Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Kuala Selangor 一日游

Hehe, finally I updated my blog (I should post this long time ago.. :p)

To celebrate the end of our radiopharmacy course, ie back to holiday again after having class + study week + exam for two weeks, this time we don't want to have our celebration at Midvalley or Sunway pyramid anymore, but we went to our course mate, Lian Choo's hometown - Kuala Selangor !!! woohoo ~

Thus, 20 plus people of us "浩浩荡荡" went there right after the exam by 4 cars : Kelisa, Myvi, Saga FL and Persona.  Special thanks to our drivers : Sasa , Mae ching , Lian Der and Yen shen for spending so much energy on driving in the whole day :) :)

Flow of the day :

1. Bought 芋角 (a type of Hong Kong dim sum) @ 新乐茶室 (Kedai Kopi Shin Lok) which was located at Jeram.  For me, it was really worth to try because it was so tasty and cost RM1.40 each only!!

2. Ate lunch at a Bak Kut Teh shop (so sorry to tell that I forgot the name of the shop already..) Anyway, it's another worthwhile try because the taste was nice and it costs us RM9.70 per person only (we ordered one pot of soup Bak Kut Teh with one pot of dry Bak Kut Teh for each table of around 10 people).

3. Visit to Kuala Selangor Melawati Hill (a.k.a 皇家山).  Other than museum, cannon, "perigi beracun"... what we could find the most at there were monkeysssss! For sure, so many "ooh" and "aah" when the bunch of monkeys were approaching us.  Good advice if you are planning to go there : never park your car at somewhere with a lot of monkeys because they will climb up your car and SCRATCH it... Luckily it didn't happen to us, haha.


The cannon

The museum

Lighthouse (Don't know if still functioning or not.. :p) 

4. A relaxing walk on Sekinchan beach and paddy field.  For your information, the local drama series 《鱼米之乡》 on ntv7 was captured here, as told by an uncle in his 60s.  Too bad was, the sea was not as clean as I had expected because there were a lot of rubbish scattered around on the beach.  No wonder the uncle sighed and said, it was not as beautiful as we could see on tv screen.

Good pose!! 

Zero distance with paddy field ^^ 

 One of the best photos :D

5. Final destination - Kuala Selangor Firefly Park Resort.  Heard of this place in couples year ago and finally my opportunity came. We just needed to buy ticket from the counter (RM15 per pax for adult) and watched the fireflies by taking a small boat ride along the Selangor river. Without disappointing me, it was truly an amazing place especially for couple to "pak tor" there.  From what I know, fireflies are feeding on a the branches of "Berembang" trees along the riverbank. Thus, what we could saw was just like a Christmas tree with a lot of blinking bulbs!! However, camera was not allowed, so I can only share with you the photo I captured at the entry.. :p

Hehe, if you're interested, you can have a look on

6. Before going back, we had our dinner at a seafood restaurant ( I forgot the name again :p) We ordered 7 dishes which including fish, prawn, "lala", sotong, vegetables, yam and "lai-liu-har".  Everyone only needed to pay RM20+ and left the place with a full stomach :)

Without a doubt, it was definitely an enjoyable trip. Relaxing and low budget (I spent less than RM100!!).  After living in busy city like KL for two years, I found myself to appreciate the time spent in this kind of simple place more. Special thanks to Lian Choo for bringing us there :) :)

"Slow down your pace, you will be happier.."

Say "C-H-E-E-S-E" :D

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