Sunday, January 09, 2011

What A Tiring Day

It was a really tiring day. After going out for whole day, I did really appreciated the moment once I could have a chair and sat down there, without doing anything.

Yesterday was the first time I went for the donation drive for National Gathering Of Pharmacy Students 2011 (NoGAPS), which is national events for all pharmacy undergraduates in Malaysia. Since I am one of the members under marketing bureau for this event, for sure I have to go for this donation drive, even though I didn't really want to :P We went to Ampang in morning and Bangsar in afternoon. All together it took me more than six hours on kept standing, walking and asking people for donation. Arghhh..

Other than that, once I got back from donation drive, I still had to go Sunway Pyramid to buy the souvenirs for MMK opening and closing ceremony. I was yelling in my heart " Damn!!!"

Feeling kinda helpless to this kind of hectic life sometimes. But then again, I have to thanks to them because I learned to be stronger anyway. =)

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