Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bonjour, I’m back

Yea, finally I’m back. Second year 1st semester had officially ended and so does my three weeks semester break. This semester break was a bit too short for me actually. Compared to the five weeks semester break last year, I have a feeling of not enough rest, even though I spent my whole holiday on eating, shopping and doing nothing. We suppose to have five weeks break this year, but unfortunately another two weeks were placed before final exam, thus ended up with “study break”. :(
Luckily, like what I had promised myself, at least I had done something meaningful in this short semester break.

1. Finished reading “ Time Traveler’s Wife”
I had watched this movie before, thus I bought this book without much hesitating during a family shopping in Ipoh. The only comment I can give to this book is: superb. The story was around a couple of Henry and Clare where Henry was a time traveler, whom able to time travels to the future or past, but involuntary and uncontrollable. If you haven’t read this book or watch the movie yet, I will strongly recommend you to read it or watch it. :)

2. Two successful attempts of baking cookies
Proudly say, my baking skill had improved, hehehe. This time we had chocolate cookies and oatmeal raisins cookies. From the pictures you see below can prove what I said already. My own comments for those cookies:

Chocolate cookies
Taste: quite okay, not too sweet
Texture: crispy, especially those nuts chips
Appearance: nice brown color
Nutritional value: carbohydrate, protein

Oatmeal raisins cookies
Taste: nice raisins sweet taste
Texture: not as crispy as I had expected
Appearance: kinda attractive
Nutritional value: additional nutrients from the raisins

3. A lot of shopping-s
Well, Chinese New Year is around the corner, plus the extensive Christmas sales and year-end-sale, it’s really hard to stop me from going shopping. Therefore, within three weeks time, I went Ipoh for three times, twice with family and once with dear dear. Other than that, with the excuse of being too bored at home, I went to Berjaya Times Square with old friends as well. It sounds like a bit crazy of going KL and came back Bidor within a day, but my friend told me “We’re young, so we suppose to do something that young people usually do.” Yea, perhaps she was right, 年轻人就应该有随时准备出发的精神.

In short, year 2010 was a year which full of happiness and tears. Lost a lot but gained a lot as well. Sacrificed a lot of time but learnt a lot which were valuable. There were certain moments really hard to take but I’m really lucky because I had gone through them with my very supportive dear dear.

Coming up is another new year with new hopes and new challenges. Last few days, dear asked me “What is your new year resolution?” Hmm, like what in previous year, I hope I can have good achievement in studies and practice a healthier lifestyle. Less pollution, less chaos, less natural disaster would be the best gift to all human on earth. Here, I cross my fingers, hoping everyone is safe and healthy in the year ahead. :)

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