Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally, We Came to The End

After the whole semester of preparation, finally MMK 2010/2011 had officially ended. Yesterday was the closing ceremony of MMK.

It is kinda hard for me to describe my feeling in words. Initially, I thought "relief" is the only word to come into my mind once MMk is ended as I don't have to bother those marketing stuffs anymore. However, it changed right at the moment when Jacob(our multimedia director) still continued his "never-give-up-spirit" in rendering his multimedia clip even though he had failed thrice. He did not manage to show it up on the time we had planned, but he still able to make it in the end of the event and showed to everyone who were still there. Salute to Jacob!! Because of this small incident, I changed my way of thinking: everyone also worked very hard for MMk and not myself only, then why I still have put my blame on those marketing stuffs?

Back to one semester before, the time when I was the first time to get involved into marketing department and took the job of being a marketing director. Honestly, in the beginning, I don't really enjoy the process to deal with those companies just to get something, or sometimes even nothing. T-shirt selling, dedication, marketing drive...those works were far more challenging than what I had expected. Problems can be appeared at anytime and anywhere. There was a period of time when I was totally collapsed and had no more idea on how to continue with my job. Thanks to everyone who gave me supports that time to drag me back to the right path and made me became stronger.

MMK family outing, booth setting, marketing drive and etc were those memorable moments I had came across with along the period of joining this project. I am not a good marketing director, or good leader, either. I do really appreciate the supports from MTs and juniors. For instance, my department members who helped me a lot in calling sponsors, some MTs like jacob and alvin who helped me a lot during the hardest time of dedication (Jacob also helped me to send the banner for printing and almost got lost at Jalan Pudu..:p), Claire who helped me a lot in T-shirt dealing, khai kent who fetched me to the shop of our booklet sponsor for few times...

I'm so sorry to everyone for unable to be a good marketing director and many things had gone haywire due to the "not-well-planned" process. I have to admit that I am not a good marketing director (perhaps the worst) and not even able to get the amount of money that we had expected.

Anyway, thanks for giving me this chance to learn. I had learned a lot. :)
P/S: I prefer photoshop more than marketing actually :p

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