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Missing those days in Tioman Island

Although back from Tioman Island for almost one week already, I’m still missing the vacation at that place very much. 25th May was the day when I took bus from Bidor to KL. The bus ticket that I bought was 6.30pm so when I reached there was almost 8.30pm already. Something was happened once I got down from bus, that is I found that the place that the bus driver dropped me was not Bukit Jalil bus terminal but was central market. “Oh my God!!!” I screamed in my heart. At the time when I was still thinking what to do, I called to Kee Cheong to ask what I should do.
“Dear, the bus stopped at Central Market and not Bukit Jalil leh…”
“Don’t panic ok, you take LRT to Masjid Jamek and I go to pick you there=)”

Phew… luckily. Thus I went to take the LRT to Masjid Jamek and at there I met Kee Cheong. Then, both of us took Starline LRT from Masjid Jamek to Bukit Jalil. Say frankly, I really geram with the bus driver for not telling me that he will stop at Central Market there, ish ish! But again, luckily my dear got came back Masjid Jamek to meet me even though he could reach Bukit Jalil in few more station that time. Hehe. After this small incident, finally we reached Bukit Jalil. The time we reached there was around 10pm only. Since our bus ticket to Mersing, Johor was 11.00pm, we just hanging around there. This was the time that we got to know >8 people from China. It occurred when a woman came towards us and asked us for translation to deal with the people who were selling bus ticket.

“请问你们会说中文吗?” the woman asked.

That time kee cheong and I looked at each other to decide whether should help her or not as there were so many cheating cases happened like this before. Finally I said, “我们会说中文”. Started from that moment, we started our translation job. Or in more precise, I should say that Kee Cheong started his translation job because he was the one who helped those people mainly. Hehe.

After five hours journey, finally we reached Mersing at 4am something. Perhaps I didn’t sleep well on bus, I just felt very blur that time. From there, we took another bus from Mersing bus terminal to jetty. It was still very early when we reached there. Thus, we lepak again there and Kee cheong started his photography time (this guy always says that he is a good photographer…=p). About 7am, we took ferry to Tioman Island loo…hahahaha. The ferry ride took about 2 hours and actually nothing much to see on the sea. However, it’s doesn’t matter to me as I slept for almost whole journey again, hehe.

Here we are, TIOMAN ISLAND!!! Woohoo!!!
Then, we met the person in charge for the chalet at jetty there (a very nice Malay guy) and he brought us to the chalet, which is called “Genting Bayu Chalet”, located at Kampong Genting there. This place is so peaceful, I smelled the sea and I started falling in love of it once I reached. Haha.

We didn’t have many activities on the first day there, just mainly exploring around and sleeping. I still remember my first lunch at Tioman Island was nasi goreng Tioman and ice kacang. Maybe I was too hungry that time, the food were quite nice. I just quite wonder to know if the salts there were very cheap as there were still some salt granules in few bites of rice. Same case happened to Kee Cheong…=p.

In the evening, we just went to walk around the beach. I like the feel to step on the beach very much. What we saw the most there are crabs! Haha. The battle of Wong Kee Cheong vs. Mr. Crab was happened!! How was it happened? It was happened when we saw a crab hide in a hole on the beach. Then, this guy was too enthusiastic to disturb this crab. So, he put a stick into the hole and tried to tempt the crab out from the hole. However, Mr. Crab was not that stupid. He used his strong pincer and cut the stick! Wow, Mr. Crab! Then, Kee cheong tried again and Mr. Crab cut the stick again. Haha, finally Kee Cheong gave up and Mr. Crab won =p. “Kee cheong, you should put your finger into the hole next time and see how la...”

At night, we had dinner provided by the chalet. There are fish, chicken, oily fried egg and some vegetables. Hmm, the foods were just okok only. Actually we were told to have buffet but maybe because of too few people there, they didn’t want to waste much food, I guess. At there, we also got to know a couple who were staying next to our chalet. The guy is a funny Korean whereas the girl is a dentist student from UKM.

The next day morning we woke up so early to watch the sunrise. Thus, we walked for a very long distance to the jetty. However, we never expect this to happen, that is we were at the wrong site to watch the sunrise… (Sweat…=. =lll) Maybe because of we had returned everything we learned from geography in secondary back to the teachers already. I felt so sorry to Ms. Lim and Ms. Cheah, who were my geography teachers in my secondary school. Thus, we just back to the chalet and had a very big size breakfast there. There were fried noodles, bread, fried eggs and tea. Dengan bangganya, I have to tell that I had made something “great” that is I added some creamer into the tea and made it looked like mushroom soup already, hahaha. Yet, never mind as it’s not for me actually but Kee Cheong (I’m so bad). Kekekek… Next, what we going to have? Snorkeling!!!

After renting goggles and life jacket from a shop (all together RM16 for each person), we rushed to seaside as we were late…=p. At there, a Malay uncle brought us to duty free shop first by boat. We got to know another couple there, which is Tommy zai and his girlfriend, Yuri who are working in Singapore and KL respectively. About 10am, we moved to Marine Park. This was the first time I snorkel. I felt so “gan cheong” once I got into the water. At first, the water kept entering my goggles and I drank some sea water as well (damn). Since I did not know how to swim, I was just grabbed Kee Cheong’s hand tightly and let him bring me around. We could see a lot of fishes there especially when we fed them with bread. When we swam towards the floating block in the middle of the marine park, we met our “friends” again! Haha, those were the 8 people from China! When the guy saw us there also, he shouted loudly to his friends, “你看, 我们碰见小王啦!” (Referring to Kee Cheong)

What?! “小王”?! Haha, that was so funny. Following that, I couldn’t stop to laugh at Kee Cheong…=p After that, we moved to another side for the real snorkeling in the sea! Although the water still kept entering my goggles, I got used of it already and finally could adapt quite well, hehe, so proud of myself. At there, we manage to see some corals and fishes around. Kee Cheong was also bitten by a fish there as he grabbed the bread towards the center of his palm instead of holding the bread by fingertips when feeding the fishes (can consider quite padan muka one la…=p)

After snorkeling, we back to our chalet again. Our lunch was already packed by the uncle just now. Once we opened the rice pack, our facial expression turned to this: =.=lll This was because we found that the food was even worse than our college food. Without much consideration, we put the lunch aside and went out to hunt for better lunch. We found a Chinese restaurant “金厨海鲜茶室”. There we had fried rice, fried bihun and seaweed soup. We had a good time there especially when we heard a song “浪花一朵朵” from the radio as we just sang and recorded it in the morning before breakfast, haha!! It was really surprising us…=)

In the afternoon, it was raining heavily there, so we didn’t go anywhere and just stayed at chalet until dinner time. I think the dinner was the best meal I ever had in Tioman Island, which was barbecue dinner, yummy! I gained much weight again after that dinner.

At night, we didn’t have any activities, so we just joined the Korean guy, UKM dentist, Tommy zai and Yuri for some wine at a small hut nearby. At there, we got to know each other better and chat quite a lot also. The Korean guy was quite funny. He tried to communicate with us by using English that he just learned one month ago. Luckily with her girlfriend there, that was the UKM dentist student, helping him to express what he was trying to say. Whereas Tommy zai was another interesting guy as he seemed like know a lot and showed us some magic, aha! We stay there until 12 something at midnight then only we said goodbye to each other and back to chalet.

28th May was the last day we were at Tioman Island. Since our ferry ticket was 7.30am, we woke up at 6 something to pack our stuff and ready to check out. Without taking breakfast, we took our luggage and went to the jetty to wait for the ferry. Until 8 plus, the ferry finally reached. Thus, we got into the ferry and said goodbye to Tioman Island.

After 2 hours ferry journey, we were back to Mersing jetty again. At there, we had our lunch and shopped for some souvenirs. I found that I kena tipu again when we stopped at one stall there. This was because I found that the key chains there were much cheaper (RM10 for 7) than those in Tioman Island (RM10 for 3). No response was my response that time. I got a lesson already (sobbing). We also bought t-shirt with “Tioman” printed on it. The adult one was too big for me, thus I terpaksa take the kid one lo…=p After that all, we took a rented car to Mersing bus terminal. At 1.30am, we took bus back to KL and our 3 days 2 night vacation came to an end.

Without a doubt, this was a really good vacation for me. Although the foods there were not nice, I had a very great and peaceful time. It made me put everything aside, especially the bad mood I had after got to know about the result for final exam and just enjoyed. Thanks Kee Cheong for planning this and I love the vacation so much! =)

“休息是为了走更长远的路”… Make your life simpler and you’ll be happier. Happiness can be just so simple…=)

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