Monday, June 28, 2010

Green Lung Capacity Workshop

I went to a workshop organized by Green Lung for 3 days 2 nights few days ago. If anyone asked me about how was it, most probably I will answer him/her “It’s just ok ok only”

I’m not here to complain or comment regarding this workshop, but I’m just trying to express part of my thought about it.

First and foremost, it’s regarding the number of participants in this workshop. There are a number of people who signed up their name in the beginning didn’t show up in this workshop on that day. Actually most of them are my batchmate. Although
I knew about it before I went to that workshop, I did not persuade them to change their mind as I understood how their feel is, I guess. If not because of both my buddies and the refundable RM50 deposit that they promised, most probably I became one of them already.

“Create and support a smoke free environment” Perhaps it’s a bit too ambitious to me. I do not have the same passion towards Green Lung as other people do. That’s why I don’t think I can advocate Green Lung fully. Maybe because of this also, I have the feeling kind of not belong to this group. I don’t have the sense of belonging that mentioned by other people that day.

Let’s take the football match as an example. If most of the players in a team do not have the same goal as the remaining players do, it’s definitely hard for the small number of players to kick a goal. That’s the same case happen to Green Lung.

There’s still a long way to go. Good luck to Green Lung.=)

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