Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hmm,about the mmk t-shirt dealing again.
I thought it will be very easy to settle in the beginning actually.
But then again,it's not as simple as i thought.Perhaps different people have different ways to do their work which making me feel like wanna shout "oh my God!" sometimes.
Hanging around in KL just waiting to settle this stuff...Argh!!!

Finally,this day comes, that is i got the t-shirt design already and can go to deal with the printing company, i just got to know that something wrong is happening in our office till we cannot allocate the money for deposit currently.
oh,sweat again...=.=


  1. 哈哈,we last time also like tat...u will met more OH MY GOD in the way...jayou!!! frog can survive in land n water...i thk u also can survive in any situation...izit??hahaha

  2. wah, mr jian..u teasing me meh..=p haha,anyway,thanks ya..i believe i can survive till the end geh...=p


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much! ^^