Sunday, July 11, 2010

My achievements during holiday

After having two months plus semester break, it’s time for me to summarize up what I had done in this long period of time. Say frankly, I didn’t do much thing in this holiday and most of the time I was just “goyang”, here are something that can be considered as meaningful (I guess).
1. Stay back one week for MMK (10th May 2010-16th May 2010)
It was in the second week of my holiday. In the beginning, due to the reason of laziness, I felt so reluctant to get back KL, especially when I reached the place that we gonna stay for whole week. The old lift, dark corridor…were making me have a wrong perception that the place was the background of a horror movie. Luckily, everything was just fine and one week was passed so fast. Without much noticing, the stay back week was ended already.
2. Tioman vacation with Kee Cheong!! (26th May 2010-28th May 2010)
Needless to say, it was a really good vacation that I ever had. Although I was the one who had this idea came out during study week, Kee Cheong was the one who planned all those things. From Pangkor Island to Tioman Island… Without a doubt, he did really much for it just simply due to the reason- I wished to have a beach vacation so much. Hehe. I will keep it as a permanent memory, even after ten years =)
3. MMK t-shirt dealing stuffs…gan cheong!!! (29th May 2010-31st May 2010)
After getting back from the Tioman trip, I had to push myself to settle the t-shirt stuff already. From waiting the design to be done to dealing with the printing shop boss, it was a really good experience for me to learn. Since it was the first time for me to do those kinds of thing, I was so worried of being cheated by the people there. =p
“Boss, cannot cut down the price more meh?”
“Cannot la… very cheap already… we didn’t earn much leh…”
Luckily, after a lot of “oh-my-god-s”, everything had been settled down now. Phew…
4. My first cookies, aha!!!
Perhaps, due to the reason of being too free at home, finally I had an idea to bake some cookies that day. By following the recipe, I made it a success!!! Haha, I felt so proud of myself that time. Starting from that day, I will add “bakery” as one of my talents, hehe.
Here is my recipe (not created by me), actually it’s just so simple… =)

5. My 19th birthday (10th June 2010)
For this one, I really have to thank to Kee Cheong for coming to my hometown and celebrating with me. It was just so sweet and I think it’ll bring me a smile when I recall it back in future. Other than that, I also have to thank to my friend Yan Mun for baking a birthday cake for me. Love it so much.
6. My 2 days 1 night Ipoh trip (17th June 2010-18th June 2010)
Since Kee Cheong had visited my parents, thus I went to Ipoh to visit his parents too. For sure, I had gained a few pounds on my weight after getting back from Ipoh as I ate too many foods in those two days. Keep fit? Hehe, afterwards la…=p
7. Green Lung workshop (23th June 2010-25th June 2010)
Say frankly, I admit that I went this workshop was purposely for my RM50 deposit and just to have fun. Yet, it was not too bad actually for having the first try on flying fox as well as a lot of challenging games. Haha, if possible, I hope that the organizers can reduce the slot for talks in future… =p
8. Finished reading two books
To show that I was not just keep eating, sleeping and goyang-ing in the whole holiday (actually I was), so I had decided to read two books in the second month of holiday. One is “Up and out” by Ariella Papa and another one is “听说”, which was written, based on a movie.
9. A small accident in my hometown
Ahem, I have to declare that, it’s not something that made me proud of. I don’t think I have to explain how it was happened here; I can only say that it’s my fault actually. Feel guiltier especially when my dad needed to pay RM300++ as reparation and another RM300++ to repair our own car. Damn!!
10. Well spent with my family
Last but not least, it’s the utmost important thing for me. Home, is somewhere that has no stress, no sadness but only happiness. I can talk nonsense there, teasing each other without much worry. I always believe that “家是永远的避风港”.

The coming semester is going to be tough for me, especially the seven core subjects with uncountable tests as well as the marketing stuffs of MMK. Perhaps, I need to have the “frog spirit”, that is being able to survive both in water and land. I need to survive both in my course as well as MMK. “If you think you can, then you can.” Hopefully I can.


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