Saturday, May 01, 2010

After 1st year

I couldn't imagine that time can pass so fast.I had done my first year in um pharmacy for one year already.Everything seems like just happened yesterday,but the fact is showing that I am going to be a senior for the coming batch of juniors soon.
I still remember the first day I reached um,who was still a very blur girl,know nothing and just blindly followed what the seniors said.

Compared to the others,i had a special experience that was having orientation week at 6th college then moved to 2nd college after that week. In the beginning, i admit that i really hard to accept the fact that i had to change from being a sixer to a secholian.I was also blaming 6th college for allocating us like that.Luckily,i able to adapt at 2nd within a short period of time and i also thanks for the orientation week at 6th because it was where i got to know my dear now,hehe =)

After the orientation week at faculty end, everything's came into a rush.Lectures,tests,MMK project activities...sometimes those kind of stuffs really made me feel suffocating.But at the same time,luckily,i enjoyed and had fun in those stuffs too.kekeke.

Without a doubt,something that i appreciate very much is my dear,he is the one who concerning me always,the one who comfort me when i feel down,the one who became my delivery boy in 2nd sem study week and exam week,the one who cannot be replace by anyone else.I had learned that two is better than one. hehehe =)=)

Sometimes i feel really very grateful for being selected into this course, as i know many others who did applied for it were offered by other courses and having different fate. I couldn't imagine how my life now will be if i didn't get pharmacy but some other courses.

Although didn't have much achievement in my first year,i did enjoyed my life the fullest.And i believe in the coming years,will be better and better...=)

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