Friday, November 11, 2016

[BEAUTY] What's in My Makeup Pouch ღ

Hello lovelies! 반갑습니다 ❤

Wanted to write on this topic since long time ago, yet procrastination was the best reason to explain the delay.  Until a few weeks ago, I received my Althea box from Korea, I can't wait to introduce those few new members of my makeup pouch.

Makeup pouch was bought from Insadong, Seoul.
It came with different shapes and sizes.  The colorful design and the pendant attracted me the most.

01: Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion (no. 13N) [NEW]
02: Innisfree Long Wear Cushion (no. 13)
03: Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder [NEW]
04: Innisfree Cushion Base
Innisfree Long Wear Cushion had been serving me really good especially in combining with the cushion base.  Whereas the Laneige BB cushion and Innisfree No Sebum mineral powder are my new hauls from Althea.  I'll do a review once I had tried 'em up! 

01: Kate Designing Eye Brow N
02: Banila co. Fox Tail Mascara
03: Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner
04: Etude House Play 101 Pencil (no. 48)
05: Etude House Play 101 Pencil (no. 22)
06: Etude House Play 101 Pencil (no. 06)
Kate Designing Eye Brow kit is a rare non-korean product in my makeup pouch.  It is a 3-colored palette that gives a really ash brown color and natural looking brows.  Fyi, I use it for nose shadow as well!
Banila co. Fox Tail mascara was bought accidentally at Myeongdong for the purpose of adding the total bill up to 30,000won so that I can get tax refund. Lol.  Surprisingly, the quality isn't bad. 
Etude House brush liner is my another must-have item.  It is so long lasting and the price is so affordable. 
Not to forget mentioning my Etude House Play 101 pencils.  They can used as eye liner, eye shadows, contouring, lip pencil or any other functions you may think of.  The colors are really vibrant and easy to use.

01: Banila co. Clean It Zero makeup remover
02: Mentholatum Lipice tinted lip balm (Baby pink)
03: Etude House Color In Liquid Lips (PK004)
That small Banila co. Clean It Zero is a free gift from purchasing a tub of the original size.  This series of cleansing balm come with 4 choices: original (as shown in photo), purity, resveratrol and radiance.  The cleansing power is superb and fast.  Personally I like the Purity (for sensitive skin) more because it is much less greasy. 
For lips, well I seldom change my lips color.  Lol.  Thus, I will only carry this pair of lip balm and lip gloss wherever I go.  Time to shop for more? Teehee. 

I think that's all about what's in my makeup pouch.  Hope you enjoy reading!
Do share with me the contents of your makeup pouch too :)

Till then, see you! 

 Happy 빼빼로데이 (pepero day)! 


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  2. Very cool cosmetics: D
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    1. Thanks for the comment, I love eye liners too!

  3. Etude house Play 101 pencil are very travel friendly, we can bring many of them in our make up pouch ^^

    1. Can't agree more than that, they are my favorites!

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  7. I love the Banila co. Clean It Zero make remover!! I've finished 1 tub and am currently 1/2 way though my second tub of it XD
    It's lovely :)
    ooo does the innisfree cushion base help your foundation stick better? or what does it mainly do?
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Griffin&Row Review

    1. It makes the BB cushion to look more natural and stand for longer time on my face without caking! This product works like a primer that helps to improve skin complexion too! :)

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  12. Very interesting post) Thanks for sharing )

  13. ooh you have some really nice things! I love the innisfree sebum powder and also I want the etude house play 101 pencil in 48!


    1. The etude house 101 pencil is really a good choice! Thanks for reading ;)


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