Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[Korea Trip] Part 2: Dongdaemun Design Plaza @ Seoul

October 27, 2015

Continue from the previous post, we reached Seoul station in the evening by KTX.  It was a 3 hours journey, I suppose it's the easiest way of travelling from Busan to Seoul? I enjoyed the view along the journey and the free WiFi accessible on the train pretty much!  (FYI, we didn't sign up for any internet plan in Korea, being able to connect free WiFi is the happiest moment on earth. LOL)

Once reached Seoul, we were greeted by the freezing cold temperature.  Started shivering from head to toe.  Couldn't predict the drastic change of temperature from Busan to Seoul.  The 10-minute walk to our studio apartment (accomodation for the following days in Seoul) was such a torturing journey: to combat the cold breeze and the slopes in Seoul with my over-weighed luggage.  However, no matter how cold was it, I think it is still better than walking under hot sun in Malaysia, haha!

Cheongpa-ro 73-gil Yongsan, Seoul

This is our accomodation for the following nights.  It is a studio apartment, well equipped with attached bathroom, TV, kitchen, hairdryer, refrigerator and double bed.  We paid RM195.90 per pax for 3 nights, quite a good deal comparing with the other hotels in Seoul.

Super excited to see Park Seo Joon oppa on screen once turned on the television.  Hahaha, it was a scene from "She was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다", a Korean series which I truly in love with recently.

The sunset was quite early in autumn.  About 6pm, the sky turned completely dark.  Night time seems longer than daytime, good news for the party goers?

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

The first place we visited in Seoul was Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), a blend of traditional building, relics and cutting-edge modern multicultural facilities, as described by Visit Korea official website.  The building design was impressive, which consist of the art hall, museum, design shop and LED rose garden.

The vibrant street view of Dongdaemun is just another attraction

Our main intention of visiting DDP was the LED rose garden, a romantic place perfect for dating 

It will be more perfect if there's a handsome oppa coming with you, haha! Mind you, you gotta be hurry if you would love to visit this garden as it will last until February 2016 only!

Jaw-dropping kind of view

Me and my sis

Four of us

The Lee's sisters and Fong's sisters :D

If you notice, there was a scene from "She Was Pretty" was captured here too! 

Here end the first night in Seoul.  Dongdaemun will definitely be included into my itinerary if I'm going to visit Seoul again. See you soon-----!

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