Friday, June 19, 2015

My 24th Birthday

Hola, I'm back.

June is my favorite month because I'm a June baby.  Celebrated my birthday a week ago, I'm officially 24. Had a short meet up with my sis and a hearty dinner with my beloved colleagues.  Simple celebrations but mean a lot to me.  I guess I'm getting older?

Slept merely few hours after midnight call and drove all the way to Mitsui Outlet Park, the newly opened shopping centre nearby Klia. Braced myself through the heavy rain pours and sleepiness, I guess I am really deserve the legendary name of "geng wah" from my previous working place, LOL.

It took me around half an hour to reach Mitsui.  Went there all the way by following waze, so please do not ask me how to go or which way to follow, haha! (epic failed)

We had our lunch at a cafe call Straits House.  Picked this cafe out of limited options.  You may visit the official webpage of Mitsui to have a glance through the food outlets available before deciding whether to have lunch/dinner there, haha. Western food and Asian delights are available in the menu. Kinda crowded there, I guess due to limited food outlets?

Thai-styled fish fillet rice for my sis

Cheese baked rice for me

Hot coffee latte with epic failed coffee art for me
(I bet even I can draw it better... or perhaps this is not a coffee art after all? Lol)

Our wefie

Food: ***  (not really impressive, just average)
Price: *** (about RM20++ for main course)
Environment: *** (a bit crowded, but still ok)
Service: **** (Good!)

I thought I would be able to shop a lot there after seing the shopping hauls people posted on FB or IG, who knows I got nothing after turning a few rounds in Nike and Adidas outlet.  The price was so much cheaper but the sizes are too limited :( 

Spent a few hours there and drifted back Banting for dinner with my colleagues. Thank you for cake and dinner with me, at least I'm not alone *sniftsnift

My cakes

With the pretties
Photo credits to Cindy

Look at me, smile till can see my gum to prove how happy was I
Photo credits to Cindy

That's all for my 24th birthday celebration. Hope I'm getting wiser meanwhile of getting older, haha! Also, I wish I can think in a more positive way :D

Till then, see you next time!


  1. Hi pretty!!

    We have the same age and birthday month too =) Just different horoscope. Happy Belated and feel so happy that you can enjoy your birthday with your friend.


    1. Thank you pretty! Happy birthday in advance :D

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie beautiful pcs

  3. Hi! :D Everything's seems really yummy. Congratulations! Those celebrations are the best, small but with the ones you love <3 Thanks for visit my blog, I'm now folliwing you :3

  4. Happy belated birthday ^^ wish the best for u
    anw followed u back ^^

    1. Thanks for following, have a great day! :)


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