Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Date with Myself

I know it sounds weird, but sometimes I enjoy spending time alone.

Sorry for the long hiatus.  A lot of changes happened in my life, so I guess I should be forgiven?
After waiting for months, finally my posting letter arrived, I am officially a qualified pharmacist to serve you people!  But wait, when I read it further, I was like "Oh my god, I got Selangor".  Selangor is such a big state and I had no idea which hospital or government clinic I gonna be placed.  Lucky you Selangorians to have a pretty pharmacist to be in your state LOL.

On the day of reporting duty only I got to know I was placed in Hospital Banting, which is literally in Banting, a small town of 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur, 30 minutes to KLIA airport and 2 hours 30 minutes from my hometown.  Had to accept the truth meanwhile gotta figure where should I stay.  All thanks to my friends who helped me to ask around and of course a big thank you to Mark Zurkerberg for creating Facebook, such an amazing platform to spread the news. Haha!

This is the forth week of being in Banting.  Adapting new life and yet missing my girls a.k.a colleagues + housemates + partner in crime back in Slim River.


End of story.  Back to a date with myself.

It was the first weekend I spent in Banting.  Decided not to go back hometown on Friday morning and start regreting in the evening.  Honestly I had no idea how to spend the weekend over here.  In the end, I was thinking "Why don't I date myself?".  I know it sounds weird, but sometimes I enjoy spending time alone.

Being alone isn't equal to lonely.


Decided to start cooking.  Drove to Giant and bought a lot of cooking utensils as well as food materials.  It was the first time of shopping alone.  Had the feeling of grown up suddenly hahaha. Two hundreds bucks gone but I had gained a lot of positive energies.

Walking alone, deciding own path and direction. 

Got myself a set of McChicken too. Honestly, it was my first time of drive-thru. 

My shopping hauls: A rice cooker, some food materials and happiness :D


Drove to KLIA 2 for the first time. It was just a spontaneous idea popped out in my mind.  Surprisingly it is very near to Banting and I didn't get lost on the way there.  I would say airport is a good place to be alone where nobody will care who you are and why are you alone.  Walking around in Gateway, observing people come and leave, thanks God I did not bring my passport, or else I would have runaway.

Settled lunch at Dome

My spicy olio chicken pasta (looks like mee goreng mamak here =.=)

Having a hot mocha is the best way to enjoy quiet moment. 

Being alone isn't that bad still huh?

The only drawback of going to KLIA2 is the parking fee.  RM4 per hour for the first 3 hours is no joke. Haha. Other than that, everything is just perfect and I think I will do the same thing over and over again. Peace!

Being alone isn't equal to lonely. 

I might just drop everything one day and runaway.

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