Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hello February

It's the second month of year 2015, I couldn't tell how fast time flies.

Was typing this post during my oncall weekend, fingers were flying cross keyboard for few hours, was trying to express the anger deep in my heart and yet there were too much to say, the ugliness of working in this government setting.

Saw my name on the oncall rooster again, tried to get explanation from the person in charge why have to put my name again.  The explanation I received made me almost burst into tears, she said "Since you're receiving the critical allowance in your salary, if you are unwilling to oncall, you may give me your critical allowance". Wtf.

Yes, it's true, I'm receiving critical allowance but what about the bastard who receiving the same amount of salary as mine but just doing simple pre-packing work at the back and not having to oncall?

Feeling so imbalance but what can I do? Other than accepting the reality, what else?
Sorry for revealing the dark side of working in this setting, hope it won't put me into jail any time soon. LOL.

End of complaining.

To reward myself, finally I bought this.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Wanted to get a new phone for so long, finally the anger drove away all the hesitation. If anyone ask me why I change my phone, I'm going to say this is how I spend my critical allowance. Wtf.

Love every single features in this phone especially the front camera.  The 3.7 megapixels front camera makes me couldn't resist to take selfie everyday.  Perhaps I should rephrase "An apple a day, keeps doctors away" to "A selfie a day, keeps negativity away".  Hahaha.
Follow my instagram: janejane_fong to check the photo qualities of samsung Note 4! (Most of the photos will be my selfie for sure :p)

Chinese new year is just around the corner.  Seriously I have no time to do my CNY shopping yet.  Let me know if you have any tips for shopping like where to shop, the sales and any online fashion store you know!

Here I end this post with my cover on Blank Space by Taylor Swift.  Hope you enjoy!

(Wtf with the funny thumbnail =.=)

Till then see you again!


  1. You have great mobile phone! ^^
    Happy valentines dear!

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know if you follow me, and I will follow you back after it!
    thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I'm following you now! :)

  2. I was debating between this one and iphone 6 and then opted for the iphone 6 instead because everyone kept encouraging me to be team iphone.

    Love always,

    1. Both phones are good for me, but I lwould prefer android system rather than ios, that's why i had chosen samsung! :)

  3. Well I guess the working world is just full of patience ;)

  4. Haha cheer up babe! Am using the same phone too and loving it!!


  5. I bought myself a note 4 as well! Followed you btw ;)

    1. hehe, thanks my dear! The phone very nice right?

  6. I should head down there and check it out. In the meantime , maybe fancy a travel blog post ? Get you inspired on where to go next ! :)

    YouTube Link :

    Catch my VLOG on my travel to Bandung, Indonesia and also a detailed post about my trip over at my blog :

    Followed u too btw - From Butterfly Project


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