Wednesday, December 04, 2013

My Recent Shopping Hauls

Seriously, December started.
In the blink of an eye, the year is ending soon.
How far you're away from achieving all the new year resolutions you have set in the beginning of the year?

Anyway, December is my favorite month, it is the month for shopping, because year end sales are everywhere!
Counting down 21 days to Christmas (another excuse for shopping), I'm getting more and more excited.
Let's see my shopping hauls recently :D

#1: Contrast color chiffon pleated dress
Picked this dress to create a sweet college girl look.
I would match it with a satchel and a pair of loafers/ oxfords shoes.

#2: Marine blue sleeveless dress
Love this dress at first sight because it is simple yet able to create a chic look.
The color is my favorite too since it makes my skin looks fairer.
Perfectly match with a tote bag, skinny black belt and a pair of pumps.

Oops, sorry for the blur photo :/

#3: Wine red oxford ankle boots
My first pair of ankle boots after wearing ballerinas/ sandals for years, it's time to get out of my comfort zone.
Goes well with casual or punk style, or maybe something as simple as T-shirt with shorts.

#4: Printed T-shirt
A must-have piece in wardrobe especially for lazy dressing up day :p
I usually pair T-shirt with denim shorts and sneakers.
Simple yet sporty.

That's all my shopping hauls recently. 
Gotta save $$$ for coming Christmas as well as Chinese New Year in another 2 months!
Now show you all another picture of my shopping day: printed lace dress.

Didn't buy it because not really like it at first sight but I start regretting now :/

I guess this kind of situation is common for all girls, I mean regret for not buying something after coming home?

Anyway, here end the post with my lazy ootd :D
(Taken in fitting room as well, Lol!)

Top: P&Co
Bag: Summit
Shorts: China

Till then, see you again! ^^


  1. Loving the first outfit<3

  2. Love the chiffon dress, the lace dress and tee shirt :)

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    1. Hehe, thanks Jac! Love them very much too :))

  4. lovely shopping my dear :) xx

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    Very nice pictures! The red shoes are so cool :)

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  8. You have so many great pieces here. I love the red dress!

    1. Looks great right? Regret for not buying it :(

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  15. That lace dress is super cute! It's a shame you didn't buy it, but hey... you saved some money! ; )

    1. Aww, I shall go back the shop and grab it! Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog!

  16. These are some great items, love the second dress :)


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