Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Time in ROCK ZONE

Helloooooo! In super good mood since yesterday morning because I had submitted my thesis finally! Hooray!!  Thought wanna sleep earlier yesterday night, but in the end had a super full meal with buddies and stayed up until 1am plus =P  One word best described my feeling after submitting thesis ->! I can't find any better word to replace it, HAHA.

 Now back to topic. As you can see from the title, I won the contest of K-pop Dream Concert Live in Malaysia.  Once again, a big thank you to Nuffnang and RWGenting for giving me the chance!

When I received the email: 

I was like:

"Walao eh, sure or not? Rock zone tickets, theme park ride passes plus free accommodation in Awana Hotel?!! So damn freaking good! I must be dreaming now!" 

After slapping myself and refreshing my mail inbox a few times then only I believed I really had won the prizes LOL. Was in dilemma whether to go or not (kpop fans must be cursing me right now) because my thesis was not completed yet at that time.  In the end I was like “死就死吧,不去白不去”, whole package worth RM 1996 leh, it gonna be too wasting if I was not going.

Luckily I had made a right decision because it was truly a great experience! Fyi, it was my first time in rock zone! So unexpected it was not in Mayday's concert, haha. 

Tagged along my younger sis this time who is a super kpop fans.  After grabbing the concert tickets from Darren, we were already in the super excited mood!  Anyway let me show you first the freaking luxury and spacious room I had in Awana Hotel! =)

Two double beds for 2 persons

Super spacious, which took me 20 minutes to roll from one end to another lol

Nice view from balcony
 Looking at these photos made me miss the room there more :/

Can't wait to see the concert's photo?
Finally the important moment had arrived! Since the concert was held in Arena of Stars, we took a shuttle bus from Awana Hotel to First World Hotel and walked from there. By the time we reached, a lot of fans already there in super high mood!


My sis
The concert started sharp at 8.30pm and the atmosphere was warmed up by performance from SISTAR! Took all the following photos without zooming my camera, so you can estimate how close I was to the stage! HAHA.  No doubt, each and every member of Sistar is really pretty leh!


The next group was 4minute.  Everyone went crazy when 4minute appeared on stage. Any 4minute fans here?
 Yay, finally it was my favourite G. Na's turn! She started her performance with the song "Oops" ft Ilhoon from BTOB leh! Her smile was so sweet, I believe a lot of  guys must have fallen in love with her! *Humming oOps Oops oOps OOps*

The concert was continued with performance from Born to Beat (BTOB). Never know they're so handsome one because look so much better in real person than in photos leh! BTOB's fans please don't kill me =P

Last but not least: Brown Eyes Girls! Really can't stop looking at their sexy dance moves!
Brown Eyes Girls

In overall the concert was quite good, all of them sing well and dance well.  The feeling was so unreal when they were in the distance of less than 1 meter from me! OMG! Unfortunately, the concert was kinda short, it ended in about 1 hour 30 min :(((( #unexpected

Guess what I did after the concert?
Doing thesis LOL
So damn hardworking, give me a round applause please! haha

On the next day, together with other bloggers, we were so lucky to get invited for the new ride in Genting outdoor themepark: Stinger!  It was something combining the thrills of a roller coaster and the fun of a water ride! Was quite nervous before trying it out but after trying it: ehh, not bad wor!  You must try it for the next time you visit genting outdoor themepark! Don't worry of getting wet because something like raincoat will be provided :))

So this is the "before" photo
Thanks to blogger Yuhjiun for helping to take this photo <3 p="">

And this is the "after" photo
My sis got her hairs all wet because she was sitting at the front part of the ride meanwhile I remained dry, haha. So the tips: If you don't want to get wet at all, sit at the back of the ride like me! 

So that's all for this post, I need to get ready for my last lecture in uni :(( 
Again, thanks to Nuffnang and RWGenting for giving me such a wonderful weekend! 
Here I end the post with my selca photo! (the lighting in hotel room was so nice until I couldn't stop from being vain and selca non-stop =P)

Till then, see you next time! xoxo

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