Tuesday, April 16, 2013

YNot Graffiti Competition Finale @ Genting

Hi pretties and handsomes, if you're following me on my instagram, you should have already knew that I attended an awesome event last weekend - YNot Graffiti Competition finale. It was organized by Resort World Genting and I was so lucky to be invited by Nuffnang to attend as a blogger!
Since I never join any bloggers event before, everything was so new and exciting to me, haha XD

The happy girl during the event
So many masterpieces can be seen everywhere!

God - like level of painting 
If you ever thought of it was simply a graffiti competition and nothing else other than painting on walls, then I'm gonna tell you that you're totally wrong because there were so many other impressive and breathtaking activities been carried out!

BMX showcase

Graffiti Raincoat Art Fashion show

Hitz fm live broadcasting by Jin!
Tell me if you had heard our voices on-air :D
Check out his youtube channel JinnyboyTV, you gonna love his videos madly.

In conjunction to Songkran Festival (Thailand's legendary water throwing celebration, which falls on the 13th of April), we were celebrating at Genting as well! Too bad if you had missed it T.T

People were having fun with the bubbles!
I was having menses so coincidentally, or else I would join the crowds for sure *sob sob*

Thai food stalls which made me drooling while passing by :p

Performances in Arena of Stars
(Good shot, haha)
Besides, all the bloggers were so lucky to try the new ride in Genting Outdoor Theme Park - The waves! Please believe me, you must try this if you go Genting next time, it was freaking cool! Sorry if I screamed too loud that time :p

All new ride - The waves!
More fun we had at night because of the performance of Elecoldxhot and Fix on stage! Mad love Elecoldxhot since the dancing competition Showdown in year 2011. Really can't believe I had the chance to see them dancing right in front of me, I'm such a lucky girl T.T

Emcees of the day: Chriz Ooi (left) & Dennis (right) from ECX

Cool man!

Group photo with ECX.
Spot me!
No no, more dances to go in next morning! 

Their dances really "mou dak deng" (nothing to be criticized) 

How about food and accommodation? 
Genting was generous enough as we were feed with a lot of good food. Three buffets in a row, it was really a fattening trip :p

(Please prepare your own tissue paper to avoid drooling while looking at the pictures below) LOL

Dinner on 1st day @ Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel

Breakfast buffet @ First World Cafe, First World Hotel

Lunch buffet @ Resort cafe, Resort Hotel

For accommodation, we had standard room in First World Hotel with nice view facing the outdoor theme park :D

Nice leh?

With Shiyan from 愛自己

Really had a lot of fun throughout the entire trip. Went to Genting for so many times before and this time able to experience something differently, good one. Thousands of thank you to Resort World Genting and Nuffnang!

Group photo with some other bloggers and the very handsome Nuffnang executive - Darren Low (the guy with red jacket at front row)
Thanks for reading, cheers!^^

Coming up next: Videos of ECX and our very own Harlem Shake! Stay tuned~


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