Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elecoldxhot Ft Fix Dance Performance

Hi all, as promised before, the video for Elecoldxhot Ft Fix dance performance during the event of YNot Graffiti Art Finale is finally here!!!
Until today, I still remember every moves they did on stage, it was really an awesome performance to me.

Despite of uploading everything in my camera, I had trimmed and combined several videos that were the best for me. 

Hehe, first time trimming video, so please forgive me if there's any imperfection okay? And and my camera did not perform well under low light condition so a bit blur at the front part =P

Anyway, please enjoy the video! LIKE and SHARE it please! 
- Arigato! - 

Thanks for watching!


  1. their previous competition dance also awesome too! some movement they dance it at genting too :)

  2. Oh really? I shall go youtube watch them now! :D :D


Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it very much! ^^