Sunday, November 04, 2012

Weekly Crappy: Menu of The Week

Hello people! Again, I'm going to talk about FOOD today. *Wink*
Craving for "Ho liao" (nice food) all the time. I've no idea why. Perhaps family Fong is genetically born with strong desire to eat something good. Guess my weight will increase in an accelerating rate soon. Hope I won't turn into an obesed person years later :p

Sunday (28/10/12)
Healthy fish porridge
Ingredients: Grouper fish (石斑魚), ginger, carrot, vegetables, salts, sugars and pepper.

Monday (29/10/12)
Steamed Grouper fish
Ingredients: Grouper fish (marinated with oyster sauce), ginger, corn flour.

Tuesday (30/10/12)
Pork burger (J Tean kitchen @ SS2 Mall)
Served with potato wedges. Quite a big portion for girls but it really tasted good!

Wednesday (31/10/12)
Jane's Fried rice
Ingredients: Hot dog, mixed vegetables, ikan bilis and some seasonings.

Thursday (1/11/12)
Tomato soup
Ingredients: Tomatoes, carrot, ikan bilis, seafood tofu, salts and sugar.

Friday (2/11/12)
Chessy 7 set (Pizza Hut @ Mid Valley Megamall)
Okay, no comment about how much calories I had consumed :p

Forgot to take picture, so steal one picture from Pizza Hut website

Saturday (3/11/12)
Ebi Curry Don Set (Ichiban Ramen @ The Curve)
Good in term of price. The whole set consisted of with Ebi curry don, miso soup, water melon and gyoza at RM21++ only! But in term of taste, I think just average la, the donburi set in Sushi Zanmai is still better :p

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          
That's all!
Drooling there? Please suggest me more good place to have meal okay!
Till then, see you again. :D

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