Monday, June 25, 2012

Some Changes Made

Did you notice that I had made some changes on this blog?
Yup, had changed the original greyish blog skin to the current greenish, leafy one.
Back to nature? Nah, it just symbolizes kicking away negative feelings and welcoming those positive :D
Had removed my "pretty" picture too, feeling much comfortable and relieving without seeing my face? Hahaha...

Started writing blog since 2006 and had been struggled throughout these years to look for a definite blog style which able to represent and express myself very well. Unfortunately, --> FAILED.

You might wonder and ask why. Thus, I'm going to explain now!

I love food (This is different from "I love to eat" okay). However, I failed to be a food blogger because I am not the kind of person who able to accept any kind of food and my knowledge about food is too limited.

I love fashion but failed to be a fashion blogger because I don't think I will be that hardworking and post my daily outfit here. Besides, sometimes I would prefer T-shirt and jeans :p

I love beauty stuffs, such as make ups, skin care products but I failed to be a beauty blogger. The reason is very simple: I am not a beauty anyway. Lol.

Japanese culture, Japanese fashion are my favorites sometimes. However, I don't think I can be a gyaru blogger. Don't your think it will be freaking weird if I put on leopard prints, neon colored clothings or pretend to be kawaii where in fact I'm not? :p

Traveling blogger is another mission impossible for me, unless someone out there is willing to sponsor my trips. Hahaha *day dreaming*

After all, so what kind of blogger I should defined myself? Hmm, perhaps Crappy blogger would be the best. So please nominate me if there is any "Best Crap Blog Awards" be given out :p

*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *             *

Here I had re-categorized my previous blog post:

Celebrations: From the title itself you know all kind of celebrations, e.g. birthday, new year, Valentine's day and etc will be categorized under this.

Crappy posts: Anything that's crappy i.e. worthless. Haha, you may ignore those posts as you wish.

Events: Any events I attended. Basically my uni events.

Family: Anything about my family <3

Lame jokes: I will post anything I found funny which happened in my life and most likely you will give me "Lol" as response :p

MMK: Minggu Minda Kreatif was a project I joined few years ago, so there were quite a number of posts written about it.

Mouth-drooling: Nice foods of course!! (but own opinions only, don't blame me if you found them controversial)

Movies: I prefer to write movie review this way.

Musics: Just to share any songs I like.

Self directed learning: I have a photo album with same name in my fb account. Wanted to share some recipes I've tried personally and found not bad, so yea, challenge accepted!

Travels: Although impossible to be a traveling blogger, still can share some traveling experience with you.

Had removed a category called "Personal feelings". Quite a number of emo posts were classified under this category previously. The reason why I removed it because I think not many people like to read a blog which is spreading negative energy right?

Anyway, hope these changes won't be too drastic for you and feel free to give me any feedback, I will appreciate it very much!
p/s: Help me click on those Nuffnang ads can? Thank you very much!! <3

Btw, under which category I should place this post? :p

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