Thursday, June 21, 2012


HAR-CHIU !!! *sneezing*
Haha, I know this blog is dusty enough. It had been one month since the last time I blogged.
Excuse me for being in hiatus for so long because I was having my final exam. Just finished my last paper few hours ago. Phewww~

Wanted to blog in a few nights. Typed and backspaced, typed and backspaced. In the end kept everything in my draft folder. Hahaha.

To my surprise, my blog traffic did not drop to zero yet! Thank you if you're the one who waited so long for my new blog post and sorry for disappointing you :p

So, I'm going to “gorek" whatever in my draft folder and post them up k!
Just like rubbish combo la... bleks


1.  Went for jungle trekking at Bukit Gasing with my nutrition lecturer and other coursemates. Never know this place until the day before even though it located just 15 minutes away from where I'm staying. Noob right? Lol.

Breakfast @ Raju mamak. Thanks for the treat Prof ! (Photo by Lian Choo)
2.  Went the so-called largest mickey exhibition @ Mid valley. Here are some of the photos taken. I guess you won't wish to see them all coz I had taken 50 plus photos in total, am I right?

My childhood memory leh..
Lunch at Taiwan Recipe 台灣小吃. Food was not bad, just wonder how much salt they had put into the soup.. =.=

I love 滷肉飯 *Drooling*

10th June was my 21st birthday. It was just the day before my clinical pharmacy paper (quite a heavy paper). Thus, no celebration with friends... sob sob.
Back to few years ago, I thought I would have an awesome celebration because 21 years old is such a significant age for being an adult legally. At this age, you can go in casino, register as voter for election and etc. Never know it ended up this way. fml.

Luckily KC brought me out for dinner one day earlier as a simple celebration, or else I would cry. Lol.

Buonasera @ SS2
Grilled Dory Fish
Not to forget my beloved roommie - Choy Yuen who bought me this cake and had relieved my emo-ness on my bday, thanks sweetie! :D

Chocolate mousse cake
And this too. Made by my lovely younger sis. They always laugh me for loving barney so much during my childhood. Damn =.=

The barney is my bday pressie :p

*               *               *               *               *               * 
If you were to ask me, what is the best way to relief tension during exam period, I will tell you by listening to Mayday's song.
Not their fans previously. But after watching their D.N.A concert dvd that I found accidentally at home, I think I am now. Their songs cheer me up always, that's why I am so addicted to them recently.

This is the song that I listen at least once in everyday. 《溫柔》
Turn off the background music at the bottom of this blog and listen to it using earphone with high volume. 
I'm sure you will like it too! ^^

And this. 《咿呀呀》 by Stone, who dedicated this song to his child. 
Burst into tears when I was listening to this song few days ago for not being able to celebrate father's day with my dad.

Prefer this concert version, because he had skipped a line in the lyrics “很快就不會找爸爸”

*               *               *               *               *               *   

So yea, holiday is coming  had just started, what am I going to do with this precious period of time?
  1. Cut my lengthy hair as soon as possible. 
  2. Not to forget my attachment in hospital as well as community pharmacy.
  3. Read the book "No Turning Back" which I bought using book voucher last time.
  4. Renovate this blog by making some changes to its layout. 
  5. Wish to learn guitar. Any ideas on how to choose a good guitar?
Temporary with these few first, may have more soon, hahaha.

Here I end my lengthy, wordy, crappy post. Goodnight!!


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