Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sad Story @ Manhattan Fish Market

Please don't expect me to write something great or fabulous in this post.

I never go Manhattan Fish Market before. Thus, when I saw this promotion, I was like "Hooray!", SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR STUDENTS! 

Went there happily with KC just now and thought we can enjoy the great deal.
Too bad, missed out a line stated "except eve and public holiday".

DAMN, tomorrow is a public holiday for the installation of new king!! Fml.

No choice, we had already entered the restaurant and not dare enough to walk out without making order. (I think they will curse me till die if I do so : p)

This was the Manhattan Fish 'n Chips I ordered.

Hmm, say frankly this was not the best fish and chips I ever had. Some more,  the vege beside were really vege only because the salad sauce given was too little till I couldn't taste it at all : p

So, End of story.

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